Whole career dislike

Hey Scott

The question the other day about various superstars debutting with their more over gimmick got me thinking that most  superstars with decent tenure go through a number of minor or major tweaks to their gimmick over the
years and most find 1 that hits to a greater or lesser extent but has there every been a superstar that put in the years, that you litterally never cared for in any incarnation?

I was thinking Randy Orton for myself but actually rememberd I did quite like him up until the thumbs down from evolution. Then it hit me as i sat bored out my mind watching KOTR 97 that i had never cared for a Crush
match in my entire life. No matter the gimmick he was poor on the mic, had height but not much build, had an array of awful finishers and the nearest he got to a good match was probably with Savage at WM10. Granted I am just about to reach the one blank spot
in his career (DOA) so I guess he could be so awesome as Biker Crush that i change my opinion  but Im not holding out much hope if Demolition, Haiwian and Convict Crush did nothing for me

I liked Crush.  Convict and biker Crush sucked, but Kona Crush was fine and Kronik Adams was a perfectly serviceable guy with AMAZEBALL hair.  
For me it was always Mark Henry until he suddenly got awesome in 2011.  Orton has never been my fave, but he's had runs where I really enjoyed watching him.  
I'm gonna go with Sandman.  Never did anything for me.