Hogan WCW signing


If you were in charge of WCW in 1993/1994, would you have signed Hulk Hogan (I.E: to the lucrative deal that he would have agreed to) given the nearly-impossible situation it put the company in, or would you have told him to go pound sand in the long-term interests of the company?

I ask because I can see why either decision would have several good and bad points. 

​It's a tough call.  Given that we found later that TBS essentially told WCW to sign Hogan or else they were exploring options of selling off the company, at that point you kind of have to.  In the long run, he definitely made them their money back with Starrcade 96 and 97 alone​, but he also helped to kill the company in the longer run. 

I think, given the knowledge that the company was inevitably doomed in 2001 anyway, I would have just done it.  Better to burn out than fade away, as Def Leppard said.