AJ Styles Mania Opponent

So I was doing some thinking, if that 5 way does indeed take place at Fastlane then that would automatically disqualify those 4 guys from winning the Rumble as they wouldn't put the Rumble winner in a title match before Mania. So with the recent rumors being a SD guy is winning. The only logical outcome I can come up with is Cena. Which they can build it as Cena going for his 17th title. But I doubt Cena would be staying long after due to movie commitments so say they do that match. Why not have Cena lose? Doubt himself. Come back whenever he does, challenges Styles again. Wins by cheating or something nefarious. theres no better time then now for that long awaited heel turn. It'd be the perfect way to finish out however long he has left in his career. Kind of like Rock did. Thoughts?

​Sure, just keep hoping for that Cena heel turn.  Cena's winning the Rumble and we're gonna end Wrestlemania with him and Roman celebrating their World title wins together and you're gonna like it, PAL.​