The Chrononaut Chronicles: TNA Lockdown 2006

It’s Six Sides of Steel all night long, baby! Sting’s Warriors battle Jarrett’s Army in the Lethal Lockdown, Christian Cage defends the NWA World Title against Abyss, and Sabu challenges Samoa Joe for the X Division Title!

The Chrononaut Chronicles: TNA Lockdown 2006 – Sunday, April 23, 2006

– My personal favorite PPV-opening video kicks things off with a “Based On Actual Events” horror-movie-trailer inspired theme, featuring Abyss in an abandoned prison to tie in with the all-cage format of Lockdown. Clips are shown from previous Six Sides of Steel encounters and the three matches hyped for tonight are Christian/Abyss, Lethal Lockdown, and Joe/Sabu. Great stuff to get over the brutality, sadism, chaos, and violence that is about to unfold.

– Six Sides of Steel: Team Japan (Minoru Tanaka & Hirooki Goto & Black Tiger) vs. Team USA (Sonjay Dutt & Alex Shelley & Jay Lethal)

Mike Tenay states that this is a six-man preview of the World X Cup tournament, and you just have to love Sonjay being billed from India as part of Team USA. Shelley leaves ring-girl So Cal Val in charge of the PaparazziCam; I thought they’d make a good pair if TNA started using Val as a manager. Shelley and Minoru go back-and-forth a bit to start before Black Tiger tags in to put Tenay in his element, describing the rivalry with Tiger Mask in Japan and mentions that one of the four men to wear the Black Tiger mask was Eddie Guerrero. Team USA encounters some dissension when Shelley has Tiger in the American corner and ignores Lethal, so Lethal tags himself in while Tiger tags Goto, who does some slick chain-wrestling with Lethal before Jay hits the hiptoss/cartwheel-dropkick combo. Tiger tags back in while Lethal tags Dutt and we get an awesome triple-team where Lethal lifts Tiger in a wheelbarrow position, Shelley brings him down with a chestcracker and holds him there as Dutt adds a Lionsault across Tiger’s back. Dutt gets a two-count and tags Shelley, who holds Tiger in an abdominal stretch as Lethal dropkicks him in the face. Dutt jumps up on Shelley’s shoulders and Alex throws him down onto Tiger with a senton backsplash that gets a near-fall for Alex. Shelley tags Dutt, who gets isolated by Team Japan as we see Team Mexico watching from the stage.

A sweet triple seated dropkick by the Japanese gets two and Minoru taunts the Americans by holding Sonjay’s hand out for a tag, then slaps it himself. Tenay notes that the three Japanese members team regularly with Jushin Liger in a faction called “CTU”, so they have a lot of experience together whereas Team USA don’t. Dutt snaps off a huracanrana from the middle turnbuckle on Tiger and makes the hot tag to Lethal, who unloads on the masked man and gets two after a nice leg lariat off the middle buckle. Tiger tags Goto and Team USA run a train on him in the corner before Lethal snap-suplexes him in place for a frogsplash by Shelley for a close near-fall. Enzuigiri by Alex leads to a bridging German suplex from Jay for two. Dutt adds a standing shooting star press and Lethal covers again, but Tiger breaks the pin and stomps the Americans so Hirooki can tag Minoru, who takes Jay down in a twirling cross-armbreaker. Dutt makes the save and the crowd chants “This is awesome” as Tiger tags in and Lethal flapjacks him. All six guys get their shots in and Dutt holds Goto for a superkick from Shelley, but Goto ducks and Alex decks Sonjay. Goto levels Shelley with a spinning heel kick, but Lethal nails him with an enzuigiri and tries to fight both Tanaka & Tiger. However, Minoru kicks Lethal and Tiger plants him with the bridging Tiger Suplex at 12:12 to give the “exhibition” win to Team Japan. ***3/4 Really good choice for an opener with some exciting action and a hot crowd.

– Jeremy Borash shows off the Lockdown action-figure set and interviews Team 3D about their neverending feud with Team Canada. Ray points out that they are reunited with their little Brother Runt (formerly known as Spike Dudley) and puts over tonight’s Anthem match as a matter of pride and respect for their country. Ray claims that he’d rather go work for “that miserable company in Stamford” than hear the Canadian anthem, but admits to Devon that he was just kidding. Devon digs up the old “Thou shalt not mess with…” line and Runt testifies before they head off. Larry Zbyszko appears and asks JB if he knows what tonight’s big announcement is, but as usual Borash knows nothing.

– Six Sides of Steel: Christopher Daniels vs. Senshi

Senshi is of course the former Low Ki and was promoted as a “mystery opponent” for Daniels, as Don West puts over Senshi’s return to TNA as a big deal and recalls their history in the Triple X faction. The Fallen Angel looks unsure of how to approach his former NWA World Tag Team Championship partner, but Senshi throws chops and they trade shots. Senshi flips out of a back suplex, but Daniels hits the heel kick off the ropes and a back-elbow for a one-count. Senshi flapjacks Daniels and fires off some stiff kicks to the chest for two before dropping him with a stomachbreaker for another two-count. Tenay explains that “Senshi” is Japanese for “Warrior” as Senshi tries to apply the Dragon Clutch, but Daniels realizes his neck can’t handle it so he vigorously shakes his head and Senshi releases and suplexes him for two. They exchange chops and Daniels tries a sunset flip, but Senshi counters with a jumping double-stomp for two. Daniels fights out of a tight waistlock and ducks a springboard kick, then cracks Senshi with an enzuigiri and unloads on his former partner. Daniels suplexes Senshi into the cage and STOs him for two, followed by a thunderbomb for another two.

Senshi reverse-flapjacks Daniels for two and tries to hook a fisherman suplex, but Daniels blocks it, so Senshi kicks him and hits a vicious dropkick into the turnbuckles for a near-fall. Senshi uncorks the Kobashi chops, but Daniels drills him with a Death Valley Driver and lands the Best Moonsault Ever for a close near-fall. Daniels positions Senshi on the top turnbuckle and grabs him for the necktie slam, but Senshi blocks it and they slug it out on the top rope until Daniels rams the back of Senshi’s head against the cage. Daniels hooks him up for a Super Angel’s Wings, but Senshi blocks it by holding the cage and shoves the Fallen Angel down to the mat. Senshi misses the double-stomp off the top and Daniels drops him with a reverse STO as the crowd chants “This is awesome”, although I wouldn’t go that far in my assessment of the match. Daniels hooks him for the Angel’s Wings, but Senshi flips him over into a bridge for the pin with his feet on the ropes for leverage at 12:18. ***1/2 Solid match-up.

– Jeremy Borash interviews the James Gang and Bob Armstrong, who claims that every time he takes a step on his left foot, his knee screams Konnan’s name. BG says that he’s taken his daddy’s strappings half his life and now tonight Konnan and LAX will take Bob’s, BG’s, and Kip’s strappings. Kip finishes with a predictably lame “strapping young man” pun and BG actually laughs. Wow, he must be high.

– A video package recaps the James Gang/LAX storyline to build up tonight’s arm-wrestling match.

– Six Sides of Steel – Arm Wrestling: Konnan (w/Homicide & Hernandez) vs. “Bullet” Bob Armstrong (w/BG & Kip James)

Hernandez makes his LAX PPV debut here with Homicide accompanying Konnan as Tenay explains that the loser’s side will have to take 10 lashes with a leather strap. Konnan claims that he’s at a disadvantage because he injured his knuckles punching out “15 Orlando punkasses” last night. LAX and the James Gang have to leave the cage while the two combatants lock up at the arm-wrestling table. Konnan almost has the win, but he gets too cocky and the Bullet powers K-Dawg’s arm down for the victory. Afterwards, LAX turns over the table and protests, but BG reminds them that if they choose to walk out without taking the whuppin’, they’ll be suspended indefinitely, so LAX assume the position and accept the strapping. You know, it’s a miracle that LAX survived this humiliating, embarrassing angle to become the hottest new act in TNA. Incredible.

– Jeremy Borash interviews Planet Jarrett, but Zbyszko interrupts to ask Jeff if he knows anything about the big announcement. Jarrett claims that he has more important things to worry about and advises Larry to go ask the Hebners, so he leaves. America’s Most Wanted and Scott Steiner each cut promos about the Lethal Lockdown match while Jarrett claps in the background. That’s a good role for him.

– Six Sides of Steel – Xscape: Elix Skipper (w/Simon Diamond) vs. Petey Williams (w/Scott D’Amore) vs. Puma vs. Chase Stevens vs. Shark Boy vs. Chris Sabin

Wrestlers are eliminated by pinfall or submission until two men remain, at which point the only way to win is to “Xscape” the cage. I like that. Coach D’Amore explains to the commentators that he and Simon Diamond have worked it out so that it comes down to Petey and Elix to settle it fair-and-square, like in “the old country”. Petey blocks the Dead Sea Drop from Shark Boy and tags Puma, who takes a superhuracanrana from Sharky. Puma tags Skipper and Sharky gets a two-count on Primetime after a Stratusfaction bulldog. Skipper back-suplexes Sharky and lands a nice headstand twisting legdrop off the top turnbuckle for two, but Sharky catches Elix climbing the cage and brings him down with a Russian legsweep off the top rope. Elix tags Petey, who plants Sharky with the Canadian Destroyer for the first elimination at 5:09. Sabin comes in and unloads, but Petey executes his own Sabin-like tornado DDT for two. Sabin fires off an enzuigiri and tags Stevens, who counters the Destroyer with an Alabama Slam while Skipper slams Puma with the Instant Replay. Chase climbs to the top of the cage and dives onto his four remaining opponents with an amazing shooting star press, but crashes to the canvas on his face because the guys were slightly out of position. Damn.

Everybody’s down and Chase covers Petey for a near-fall, then covers Elix, but he Matrixes out and crunches Stevens with the Sudden Death for the second elimination at 9:05 while Diamond and D’Amore celebrate at ringside. Sabin dual-dropkicks Puma and Petey before Skipper catches Sabin in a powerbomb for a pin, but Petey breaks it by rolling up Elix with a handful of tights for elimination #3 at 9:40. D’Amore and Diamond remove their jackets and prepare to fight each other, but Puma dropkicks Skipper off the apron and he crashes onto Simon. Petey counters a huracanrana from Puma with a powerbomb and catapults him toward the cage, but Sabin catches Puma across his shoulders and plants him with the Cradle Shock for the fourth elimination at 10:26. The crowd chants “USA” as Sabin and Williams both try to climb the cage and trade shots until Petey legdrops Sabin on the top rope. Sabin comes back and hangs Petey in the tree of woe before connecting with the hesitation dropkick and climbing over the cage. D’Amore prevents Sabin from hopping to the floor while Petey scales over the cage and tries to drag Sabin back up. Sabin rams Petey’s head against the cage and Petey falls, but lands on his Coach’s shoulders while Sabin jumps to the floor to Xscape the cage and win the match in 13:00. ***3/4 Good match, crazy spot, unique finish. Afterwards, D’Amore argues with Petey to tease dissension within Team Canada, but nothing ever came of it.

– Jeremy Borash interviews Abyss and James Mitchell, who advises Christian that when a man hunts monsters, he should be careful not to become a monster himself, because when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you. Mitchell brings up the great angle where he stalked Christian’s wife and Abyss attacked the NWA Champion in his own home, and states that the only thing “rolling” tonight would be Cage’s head courtesy of his Weapon of Mass Destruction. Mitchell promises that Abyss will leave Lockdown with the belt.

– A video package features highlight reels of Samoa Joe and Sabu to build up their first-ever meeting as a big deal.

– Six Sides of Steel – TNA X Division Title: Sabu vs. Samoa Joe ©

Tenay notes that Larry Zbyszko chose Sabu as Joe’s opponent to test him and compares them as trendsetters in their respective eras. Sabu has the old Bob Orton forearm cast because he apparently broke his arm in Mexico, and he brings a chair into the cage with him. Joe ducks the chair, but Sabu dropkicks his leg out and immediately applies the Dromedary Clutch. Joe escapes and pounds Sabu with kicks, but Sabu throws the chair in his face and covers for a one-count. Joe unloads on Sabu and throws him into the cage to bust him open before snapmaring him into position for the chop across the back, kick to the chest, and jumping kneedrop off the ropes. Sabu comes back with the springboard leg lariat off the chair, chair-assisted legdrop, and the triple-jump twisting legdrop as the crowd chants Sabu’s name. Sabu produces a spike and has it inches away from Joe’s eye, but the X Champion traps Sabu in a cross-armbreaker on the broken arm while referee Slick Johnson confiscates the spike. Joe works over Sabu’s injured arm as West points out that it’s all fair since Sabu tried to take out Joe’s eye. He may be a blithering idiot, but he’s right. Sabu fights back to his feet and dropkicks Joe before climbing the ropes, but Joe climbs up with him and brings him down with a sweet Samoan Cutter off the top for a close near-fall. Sabu avoids a kneedrop and goes for another triple-jump, but he hesitates on the rope and Joe tosses the chair in his face. Joe hooks Sabu up from the top rope and kills him with the Muscle Buster for the three-count to retain the X Division Championship in 6:20. **1/2 Disappointingly short due to Sabu’s injury, but solid work and Sabu was a pro to do the job on his way out, as this was his last match in TNA before signing with ECWWE.

– Jeremy Borash interviews Team Canada and notes that Team 3D had strong words for them earlier. Eric Young gets scared, but Roode assures him that words won’t matter and D’Amore says that 3D are typical loudmouth Americans. D’Amore claims that 3D don’t keep themselves in shape like he does and they sing “O Canada” until Zbyszko arrives and asks Scott if he knows anything about the big announcement. D’Amore replies that he does, but he’s not telling because it’s Larry’s turn to take the fall.

– A video package recaps the buildup (including Runt’s TNA debut on Impact) for the Anthem match.

– Six Sides of Steel – Anthem Match: Team Canada (A1 & Bobby Roode & Eric Young w/Scott D’Amore) vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon & Brother Runt)

Ring announcer David “Faceless” Penzer explains that to win the match, one team must capture their flag from the opposite side. Runt & Ray wear warpaint and in a cool touch, Eric and Runt each act as goalies on their respective sides, standing on the turnbuckles to guard the flags while the other four slug it out. Devon & Ray deck A1 & Roode with clotheslines, but Young dives off the top with a dual-clothesline on the former Dudleyz and climbs back up to his perch. Roode & A1 get too close to 3D territory and Runt leaps off the top with a dual-dropkick before returning to his post while the Canadians pound Ray & Devon. Runt sneaks around the ring on the top rope to get to the American flag, but A1 & Roode drag him down and throw his head against the cage. Roode goes for the Canadian flag, but Ray stops him and they trade chops on the top rope until Ray brings him down in a full-nelson Bubba Bomb off the top. A1 tries next, but Devon goes up and pulls him down with a Russian legsweep off the top. Eric goes for the flag, but Runt meets him up there and knocks him down to the mat before diving off the top with the double-stomp on Eric and heading for the American flag. However, Roode drags Runt down and chokes him with tape.

Ray & Devon drop Roode with the sideslam/legdrop double-team and everybody brawls until Ray accidentally whips Roode into the referee. Ray & Devon slam the Canadian Enforcer with a back-suplex/neckbreaker double-team and double-flapjack A1, leaving Eric to take the “Whazzup” headbutt from Devon as Ray & Runt hold his legs upright. Ray retrieves the American flag and waves it, but there’s no bell because the ref is still down. Runt tries to Acid Drop A1, but Roode catches him and rams his back against the cage before powerbombing him. Meanwhile, Eric puts the American flag back in its perch while D’Amore steals the key at ringside and unlocks the cage door to slide a table in, which the Canadians lay Runt on. Eric drops the flying elbow off the top turnbuckle, but Runt moves and Showtime crashes through the table, although it doesn’t really break. Runt lowblows A1 and Acid Drops him before Roode eats a 3D from Devon & Ray. The ref revives as Runt runs up the ropes and retrieves the American flag again to declare victory for Team 3D at 8:45. Afterwards, the American flag is raised above the ring and D’Amore eats a 3D as some version of a US anthem plays. ***1/4 A clever take on the old flag match concept.

– A promo airs for TNA Sacrifice ’06 on Sunday, May 14.

– In the Impact Zone, the crowd is still singing “The Star Spangled Banner” as Team 3D leads them on.

– Christy Hemme makes her TNA debut and slinks down to the announce table to deliver an envelope to Tenay, who announces that TNA Management will be conducting a full review of office personnel and everybody will be held accountable. Tenay adds that a “high-profile individual” has been hired as the New Face of TNA Management and that Zbyszko is now on probation. Larry comes out to complain and demands to know who signed the order, but Tenay says he wasn’t finished and reveals that Raven has been reinstated. A blue-haired Raven appears and chases Larry, who runs into the ring and holds the cage door closed while TNA Security pull Raven away and the crowd chants “Welcome Back”.

– Jeremy Borash interviews Christian Cage, who removes his warmup gear and pushes the mic away without saying a word, to put over the serious personal nature of the Abyss angle before heading out for his match.

– A video package recaps the Christian/Abyss feud, including Mitchell stalking Denise Cage and Abyss drowning Christian in his own pool during the home invasion. I loved that angle.

– Six Sides of Steel – NWA World Heavyweight Title: Abyss (w/James Mitchell) vs. Christian Cage ©

I keep forgetting to mention it in my recaps, but I really dig the bullet points that Tenay narrates before each title bout; it gives the matches a more epic, important feel and a sports-like atmosphere. Abyss goes up the ramp to attack Christian during his entrance, but the NWA World Champion is ready for him and they brawl around ringside. Christian springboards off the steel steps, but Abyss moves and Cage eats the railing. They slug it out through the crowd until Abyss back-bodydrops Christian over the guardrail back to ringside, where the Monster tries to slam the cage door into Cage’s head. Cage ducks and slams the gate against Abyss until Mitchell distracts him long enough for Abyss to crack Christian in the face with the gate. Dueling chants from the crowd as Abyss rolls Christian into the ring and we get the official opening bell. Abyss presses Christian overhead and lawndarts him into the cage for a two-count, but when he tries to press him again, Christian slips out and goes for the Unprettier. However, Abyss shoves Cage off to the ropes and tosses him in the air, letting Cage crash down on his face for two.

Abyss cuts off another comeback and squashes Christian’s face against the cage with his foot, then charges and splashes him against the cage. Christian tries another comeback, but Abyss powerbombs him back-first against the cage twice. Christian gets fired up and mounts a comeback, flipping off Abyss so that the Monster charges at him, allowing Cage to sidestep and rams him into the cage. Cage saves the ref from getting bumped, but he’s not so lucky the second time when Cage ducks and Abyss inadvertently decks the ref. Christian climbs the cage and fights off a powerbomb attempt before leaping off the top rope with a tornado DDT on Abyss. Mitchell passes in his cane and the NWA Title belt, but Christian ducks a belt shot from Abyss and executes the Unprettier for a two-count. Christian scales the cage to the very top and dives down with an insane frog splash, but Abyss kicks out again just before three. Abyss counters the Unprettier with the Shock Treatment and empties the bag of thumbtacks on the mat, but Cage batters the Monster with Mitchell’s cane and climbs to the top of the cage again.

However, Abyss grips the ref’s throat and throws him against the cage to knock Christian off-balance and he dangles on the outside as Abyss climbs up to meet him. They slug it out until Cage sunset-flips over Abyss and powerbombs him on the thumbtacks for a “Holy Shit” chant. Cage covers, but the ref is down, so Slick Johnson rushes past the gatekeeper and records a near-fall since he is on a quest to become TNA’s Senior Official. Abyss plants Christian with the Black Hole Slam for a near-fall and Mitchell throws in another bag of tacks, which Abyss adds to the previous pile. Christian escapes from a chokeslam and drills Abyss with the Unprettier on the thumbtacks for the 1-2-3 to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in 19:20. **** I thought this was a really good match with a great story behind it. Afterwards, Cage celebrates and leaves the ring, but decides to return to exact revenge on Mitchell. However, Abyss blindsides Cage and bashes him with a chain-wrapped fist to bust him open before hanging him from the cage with the chain around his neck. Mitchell takes the NWA Title belt and presents it to Abyss as West & Tenay recall that Mitchell promised they would leave with the gold.

– Jeremy Borash interviews Truth, AJ Styles, & Rhino, who all promise not to let Sting down. Rhino plants to hit the GORE! GORE!!, but Sting interrupts him (rather rude for a Christian) and declares that it is indeed Showtime, folks.

– A video package details Sting’s TNA odyssey to build up the Lethal Lockdown match.

– Six Sides of Steel – Lethal Lockdown: Jarrett’s Army (America’s Most Wanted & Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner w/Gail Kim & Jackie Gayda) vs. Sting’s Warriors (AJ Styles & Rhino & Ron “The Truth” Killings & Sting)

This is your basic War Games with a twist: two men will start the match for a five-minute period, and every two minutes thereafter a new participant will enter according to the result of the coin toss; once all eight competitors have entered, the roof (with weapons hanging from it) will lower onto the cage and the match can be won by pinfall or submission. The first entrant from Jarrett’s Army is Chris Harris, while AJ Styles starts off for Sting’s Warriors. They slug it out on the top rope and Harris falls and gets caught between the ropes and the cage, so AJ splashes him against the cage twice and rams his head against the fence. The Wildcat slams the Phenomenal One with the Catatonic and tries for another one, but AJ slips out and plants him with the Styles Clash. Referee Earl Hebner counts two, even though pinfalls don’t count yet. Harris is bleeding as the five-minute period elapses and James Storm comes down to ringside with a bottle of beer in his hand. AJ dropkicks the cage door open at him, but the Cowboy ducks and the gate waffles Gail Kim (wearing a very appropriate “CIA: Cute In Anything” shirt) instead. Maybe it was just the camera angle but that looked nasty, like she wasn’t expecting it. Storm then spits beer in AJ’s face and slams the gate across his head to bust him open before entering the cage and dropping him with the Eye of the Storm.

AMW levels Styles with the Hart Attack as the countdown is on and Rhino enters next for Sting’s Warriors. The War Machine busts open Storm by throwing him into the cage as he unloads on the NWA World Tag Team Champions until he misses the Gore and comes up bleeding, allowing AMW to control Rhino & Styles. Jeff Jarrett is the next entrant for his team, but Rhino & Styles exit the cage and attack Jarrett on the ramp, abusing him around ringside. Once they go back in the ring, the numbers game takes over as AMW & Jarrett ram AJ & Rhino into the mesh several times and dominate them until Ron Killings enters next and cleans house on Jarrett’s Army with the spinning forearm on Jarrett, a leg lariat on Storm, and a falling stunner on Harris. AJ scales to the top of the cage, but Storm & Jarrett climb up to meet him and hook him for a superplex; however, Truth & Rhino come up underneath them and finally Harris comes up underneath them to dual-powerbomb Truth & Rhino, who in turn electric-chair Storm & Jarrett, who in turn double-superplex Styles off the top of the cage in a crazy Tower of Doom spot that almost went wrong as AJ nearly landed on his head. “Holy Shit” indeed, as Scott Steiner makes his TNA in-ring debut as the final entrant for Jarrett’s Army and dishes out belly-to-belly suplexes for all three of Sting’s Warriors.

Big Poppa Pump lawndarts AJ into the cage and Samoan-drops Truth off the top turnbuckle as Jarrett’s Army pound the Warriors until Sting himself finally enters and saves the day, tossing the Army against the cage and stacking all four of them in the corner for a big Stinger Splash. Music plays and fireworks erupt as the roof is lowered down onto the cage to signify that the “Lethal Lockdown” is in effect. The weapons are brought into play immediately as Sting clotheslines Steiner with a baseball bat, Rhino canes Jarrett & Storm, and Styles whacks Harris with a trashcan lid. Storm finds a way out and escapes onto the roof, but Styles follows him up and they slug it out as Gail tries to climb up from the outside. However, AJ steps on her hand and Jackie rips off her skirt, putting the “A” in TNA before Gail hops to the floor and chases Jackie up the ramp. Meanwhile on the roof, Storm superkicks Styles and sets up a table, but AJ fires off the Pele and lays out the Cowboy on the table. Down below in the ring, Sting and Jarrett both have guitars, but Sting discards the guitar in favor of the baseball bat and in the words of Don West, “guitar versus bat, guitar loses every time” as the bat smashes the guitar to pieces. Sting grabs his guitar again and threatens to play a tune on Jarrett, but Steiner lowblows him from behind and Jarrett busts the guitar over Sting’s head.

On the roof, Styles sets up a ladder and climbs to the top, where he grabs a truss hanging from the ceiling of the Impact Zone and hangs on before dropping down to splash Storm through the table. Wild visual; if the roof had collapsed a la Hell In A Cell, somebody would have been seriously hurt or worse. The guys in the ring look up in astonishment and the crowd chants “That was awesome” while Truth levels Harris with the Axe Kick and covers, but Jarrett makes the save and Strokes him onto a chair. Before Jarrett can go for the pin, Rhino Gores him and Steiner slams Rhino with a t-bone suplex. The Big Bad Booty Daddy locks the War Machine in the Steiner Recliner, but Sting breaks it with a Scorpion Deathdrop. Harris punches Sting with the handcuffs and applies the Scorpion Deathlock, but Sting reverses it into a Scorpion of his own and Harris taps out at 23:51 to give the victory to Sting’s Warriors and close the show. ****

Afterthoughts: After a bit of disappointment with the Destination X PPV, TNA rebounded with a strong Lockdown event. Each match used the cage concept in different ways, so it wasn’t just a bunch of homogenous cage matches. The Lethal Lockdown was a nice War Games throwback that I wouldn’t mind seeing them do every year, with a couple of memorable spots and some good bloodflow from AMW, AJ, and Rhino. Christian/Abyss was a really good bout with Abyss stifling Cage’s comebacks and Cage using his brain to pull out the win, not to mention the frog splash off the cage and the post-match visual of Abyss hanging Christian. The Xscape match had a little story to it with Petey and Primetime supposedly working together, and Joe/Sabu was stiff and believable. Daniels/Senshi was solid if not spectacular, and the opening six-man was hot. Overall, a great show and I like the idea of an all-cage PPV, but then again I thought WCW Uncensored was a great concept, even if WCW managed to screw it up. The Lockdown ’06 DVD was the best-selling DVD in TNA history at the time, so join the club and pick it up. Highly recommended.

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