Playing Robert Gibson


I was rewatching the Midnight Express vs Rock 'n Roll Express match from Superstars on Superstation for first time since i was a kid in '86.  What is your view of Rock 'n Roll Express matches where Robert Gibson plays Ricky Morton?  Do you think the Midnight Express burn out as a team in late '87/early '88 like Ricky and Robert did without the Condrey defection leading to the rebooting with Lane.  Also, how much of the blame for the drop off in late '87 JCP can be blamed on phasing out the energetic broadcasting skills of David Crockett for Jim Ross, who had no connection with the JCP audience?

That's the first time I've heard someone correlate the fall of JCP with removing David Crockett from commentary, so kudos there.  
As for Condrey, I don't know if they burn out, but his replacement was somewhat inevitable because he was getting old anyway. I certainly don't think they would have gotten back to the top like the Lane version did.  
And Robert was a perfectly serviceable worker who was fine playing face in peril.  It's just that his partner was an elite worker who was the best of all time in that role, so Robert paled in comparison.