WWF Superstars of Wrestling – November 3rd, 1990

My recaps will be posted sporadically over the next couple of weeks but hope to get as much in as possible.


November 3, 1990

This show debuts the new logo and show opening, centered around the Ultimate Warrior.

From the Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield, IL

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and “Macho King” Randy Savage.

This week, we will see Dustin Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase in the “10 Minute Challenge.” Also in action are The Bushwhackers, Sgt. Slaughter, Tugboat, and Mr. Perfect.


The Bushwhackers vs. Bob Bradley & Spike Jones

The Bushwhackers rub the giant turkey egg before marching down to the ring. Luke and Bradley slug it out to start. Bradley hits his shitty back handspring elbow as Savage is on commentary saying he will be the new Heavyweight Champion. The Bushwhackers take control then put Jones away with a double gutbuster (2:16).

Thoughts: The crowd still likes the Bushwhackers as they reminded us about the turkey egg that will hatch at the Survivor Series.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s focus is on last week’s “Brother Love Show” with a blinded Jake Roberts getting mocked by Rick Martel and getting slapped, resulting in Jake hitting Brother Love with a DDT. After the clips air we hear from Martel who says he lied about spraying Arrogance in his eyes by accident and said it was intentional. This is the best heel work from Martel since he turned after WrestleMania V and by a wide margin.


Warren Bianchi vs. Sgt. Slaughter w/ General Adnan. 

Before the match, Adnan yells at the crowd in his native tongue as Slaughter translates as demanding the crowd stand up and salute. We hear from The Orient Express and Boris Zhukov in an insert promo putting over Slaughter as their Survivor Series team captain. Slaughter beats on Bianchi and hits a backbreaker and a clothesline. He follows with a front suplex then uses the Camel Clutch for the win (1:49). Adnan comes in and waves the Iraq flag.

Thoughts: They are starting to amp up Slaughter’s act but its still not getting over much. And, his Survivor Series teammates are not exactly the biggest stars on the roster, either.


After the match, Piper shows us the 1991 WWF Calendar with the Ultimate Warrior on the cover but that causes Savage to go nuts as he tears it up and leaves the set.


Brother Love Show with guest Bobby Heenan. Brother Love is sporting a neck brace after getting DDT’d by Jake Roberts last week. Heenan apologizes to the Big Bossman’s mother and every other mother out there who was offended as Brother Love tries to sell us Heenan’s sincerity. They both get on their knees as Heenan yells that he is sorry. This was really terrible to the honest. I love Heenan but the Bossman stuff was played out and having these two beg for what seemed like an eternity made for bad TV.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil & Sapphire vs. Dustin Rhodes w/ Dusty Rhodes

DiBiase outsmarts Dustin then attacks from behind. He stays in control and yells to Dusty that his son will not even last five minutes. Dustin reverses an Irish whip and hits a backdrop. Dustin follows with a pair of dropkicks then uses a hip toss then DiBiase bails. DiBiase heads back in and Dustin stays in control. DiBiase bails again but Dusty tosses him back inside. Dustin gets a nearfall with a backslide but DiBiase hammers away after that as we learn there is six minutes remaining in the match. DiBiase hits a suplex for a nearfall as Piper is cheering for Dustin on commentary. DiBiase uses a chinlock then drags Dustin back down after he tried to escape. DiBiase takes Dustin down with a knee smash then drops a fist for a two count. DiBiase goes back to the chinlock and drives his knee into Dustin’s back. Dustin escapes then uses a sunset flip for a nearfall but runs into a clothesline. DiBiase tells Dusty that this match is over as we learn there is one minute left. DiBiase applies the Million Dollar Dream now in the middle of the ring as Vince sells it like the match is over but Dustin refuses to give up and we reach the ten minute mark as Dustin is declared winner (10:00) **1/4. After the match, Dusty checks on his son but is knocked outside. DiBiase then whacks Dustin with the Million Dollar Title belt and leaves when Dusty comes back into the ring.

Thoughts: The first half of the match was decent enough and the finish was fine but the lengthy chinlock spot from DiBiase in this type of match took away from the drama. They did not play this up too much though as at the time the rumor was Dusty would be leaving to go and replace Ole Anderson as booker of WCW and he did give notice just before the Survivor Series.


Survivor Series Report with Gene Okerlund.


Mr. Perfect defeats Randy Jackson in a match first shown on the 10/29 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


In action next week are Jim Duggan, Power & Glory, and the Texas Tornado. Also, The Orient Express will face Legion of Doom as we hear from both teams as Mr. Fuji promises that he has very special plans for the LoD.


Final Thoughts: The focus was on the Rhodes vs. DiBiase match and that was okay. Savage on commentary was just a one-time deal here and the rest of the show was mostly focused on feuds and characters with little buzz. This company is limping into the PPV.