Impossible plans for WCW rebirth?

Hi Scott

The thread about Russo's time in WCW the other day got me thinking back to WCW dying days and Bischoff's plan to purchase and relaunch the comapny.

During those final few months Scott Steiner and the his faction (i want to say the magnificent 7 but not sure if i just made that up) saw off nearly all the faces (Nash, Sting, Goldberg, DDP) and from memory the plan
was for WCW to go off the air for a bit and when it came back they would have storylines to last them for a long time as the various babyfaces would return looking for revenge.

Sounds a decent enough plotline  but wouldnt Bischoff have just run into exactly the same problem as the WWF did when they ultimately purchased WCW, with all the big players sat at home collecting their Turner contracts?
I cant imagine those contracts were structured in such a way as to block just the WWF from taking them over, or was it that actually if the WWF would of been prepared to pay for those contracts they could of forced the stay away stars back on the road but
just didnt see the value in it?

No idea if you will have rememberd any of this after 17 years or not, just interested if anyone could confirm if it was a final bit of poor planning from Eric that would never of been able to be realised


Oh man, you said "would of", now the grammarians are gonna be all over you.  
Anyway, if I'm remembering correctly, Bischoff planned to let the big contracts go and rebuild with RVD as top star and guys like the Power Plant grads and AJ Styles underneath. Had they remained on TBS, they could have survived with that kind of salary control, I think.