Russo in WCW

Which era of Russo in WCW was worse, and which one did he have more creative control over, the 1st one with the Powers That Be and NWO 2000, or the Bischoff/Russo Millionaires Club/New Blood one when he came back in April

Also what was the plan for the Powers That Be if Russo hadn't gotten sent home before Souled Out 2000?  Would it have stayed around or disappeared in favor of the NWO?  Was Russo supposed to be in the NWO 2000 group with
Bret/Double J and the Outsiders?

​Russo had basically zero control in 2000 when he returned.  He was essentially playing an on-screen character and Bischoff was the real person behind the scenes. ​
And I think it's cute that you think there was any "plan" whatsoever at any point.