What’s next for AJ?

So what next for Styles? You can’t do Styles/Mahal again. AJ beat him clean twice and he’s gonna need an opponent for Rumble. I say Zayn, do a 4 way number one contendership match this tuesday, Mahal/Zayn/Nakamura/Orton or triple threat with Zayn/Orton/Nakamura. Have Zayn win with help from Owens. That can hold AJ off till he gets to his Mania opponent. But knowing them they’ll find a reason to do a 3rd match with Mahal.

I think Zayn or Owens is the natural way to go next.  Either that or Corbin, who previously beat Styles for the US title and then got another baffling win over him on Smackdown the week before he won the title.  Plus Corbin just lost his own title, so it kind of makes sense, I guess.