Coliseum Video

In light of the unreleased matches that looked like they were supposed to be on Coliseum Video but never got there, I wonder who chose which matches from TV Tapings would be for Superstars, Prime Time and Coliseum Video? 
Was it Vince's decision?  How were they chosen, was it just random parings to come up with the exclusive matches?  Were guys happy to do them and did they get paid extra for the exclusive matches that weren't on Superstars or Challenge?

Also why didn't WCW ever pick up on this and do something of their own?  Do you think this type of thing would be good today with Youtube or WWE Network, just have exclusive matches from the Raw and Smackdown shows that
wouldn't make TV?

God, more new content to follow?  No thanks.
WCW was literally a subsidiary of a TV and home video production empire and they couldn't figure out that strategy.  They were stupid. 
WWF guys were happy to do the Coliseum stuff because they got residuals. Well, not Jesse Ventura, but you know…