Who Won Strike Force?

Given the Strike Force's full run before Rick Martel's hiatus was way less than a year, and that in the final analysis the team basically seemed to function to sustain Martel's Can-Am Connection babyface spot and also serve as thrown-together transitional tag champions from the Harts to Demolition, they seem to draw a lot of nostalgia, which I think stems from 1) both were good in the ring, 2) it was the best time for WWF tag teams in the Hulkamania Era, and 3) the post-split rivalry blow-off never felt fully resolved even though Martel scored a couple of wins here and there.

So is it worth settling who was ultimately the better Strike Forcer? Both were pretty enduring and loyal mid-carders; but here's some key areas where I think it can be asked "Who Did it Better?":

-Singles Work: Santana's most important happened pre-Strike Force, with the IC Championship rivalry with Greg Valentine as a peak, while Martel came into his own in WWF as a singles star after when he became "The Model" and had his epic 52-minute Royal Rumble showing.

-Both got used in 1992 to help make Shawn Michaels as a singles competitor. Santana doing it first, and at Wrestlemania, was probably the bigger lift, but Martel's "No One Gets Hit In the Face" match with him at Summerslam was way more entertaining.

-Both were the final opponent for crowning a new long-serving IC Champion – Santana with Mr. Perfect, Martel with Razor Ramon. Pretty tough call – neither match was a classic, really; but each helped put the new champ over convincingly.

Since Martel did win head-to-head I'm tempted to give him the overall win, but Santana never did a "Stumble Around with Bag on Head" match at a Wrestlemania, so…what's your judgment?

And P.S. I'd never known there was a music video for their entrance theme "Girls in Cars". It may represent Peak Terrible 80's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bNr3144GDI

​Santana wore the same tights for 4 years after the team broke up, so he loses by default.