Modern day pipebomb

Do you think it's time for another pipebomb style promo?  It's been 6-years since Punk's and I'm looking at a guy like Finn Balor who is massively over with live crowds, and who the WWE obviously had faith in last summer before his injury. He has legitimate arguments to be #1 contender (never lost, beat AJ at TLC) but for "reasons" Vince lost faith in him and now 67 year old Kane is closer to main eventing against Brock. You think giving Finn a live mic to air grievances on Raw would help get his stock back up. Punk was a floundering upper midcard heel before the pipebomb. Finn has already been "snarky" on twitter about his perceived role. If anyone has "it" and needs something to breakout of a midcard hell, it's Finn

I think perhaps actually being booked to win matches against meaningful competition would serve him better.