Hogan in ’92-’93

After WM 8 and before he came back in Feb'93 was there any attempt by Vince to get Hogan back earlier?  When he returned did he get a new deal or was he under the same deal from when he left after WM 8?  Also after he
left again in July'93 after a European tour vs Yokozuna, were there any conversations about Hulk coming back either later in '93 or early '94 before he signed with WCW?

​Vince wanted Hogan out of the picture for a while because of all the drug stuff and the feeling was that Hogan was his own worst enemy anyway with his inability to shut up about it.  However, once Summerslam bombed without Hulk on top, they were absolutely trying to get him to return again, and even once he left in 93 the feeling was that he was coming back again after Summerslam and they'd work things out.  Notably Randy Savage was doing all kinds of grandstand challenges to Hogan, trying to get something going for Wrestlemania X, which of course never panned out.  Some people thought that Hogan was going to broker a big deal from WCW and then use it as leverage and get Vince to match, but that never happened.  ​