Flair in the WWF 91-93

When Flair came in in 1991, was it always assumed at some point Herd would be out and he would go back to WCW?  When he came in, was he making the kind of money that guys like Hulk, Macho Man and Warrior were?  What was his relationship like with Vince, and
did he have any say in his creative during his time there?  Do you think WWF ever regretted letting him go back to WCW with the run he had after he came back?

​It was pretty much assumed that it wasn't going to be a long-term thing, mostly because WCW went completely into the toilet when he left and fans were revolting against Luger as the top guy.  Flair had almost no creative control and was basically just doing as he was told, and he certainly wasn't making anywhere near the money that the Hogans and Warriors were.  I don't think Vince ever regretted letting him go, because clearly it wasn't working for either side while he was there.  ​