WCW 2000 questions

Hi Scott,

Been torturing myself watching the last year of WCW and a few questions so far.

1. Why isn't thunder on the network?  it seems they really tried to make that show important to follow story lines stating in 99

2. What was the deal with Savage returning form a long hiatus to interfere in a battle royal and never heard from again?

3. Whats up with the sporadic appearances of Bret Hart getting involved? was their a chance of him returning to the ring or was it a case of using up contract dates?

I'm only in May so i've got a little less than a year to go, but i'm sue i'll have more questions

​1.  It was supposed to be dropping a couple of months ago, and then it just never materialized.  
2.  That was just "because WCW" weirdness, where they hired him for the one date and then never called him again.  Something with money, I'd assume.  
3.  ​There was no chance of him returning, doctors told him to retire in no uncertain terms.