Mid-South Wrestling – April 14th, 1983

April 14, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week, we will see Bill Irwin vs. Junkyard Dog. Also, Kelly Kiniski vs. King Kong Bundy and Butch Reed will be here too. Watts then tells us there is a surprise match tonight as Skandor Akbar has put up $25,000 for a chance at the Tag Team Titles with a mystery team he has put together.


Reesor Bowden is with Skandor Akbar, who is putting up $25,000 to obtain a shot at the Tag Team Titles. Akbar also has one speculation and that is he does not have to reveal his team. Akbar says his team is awesome then brings them out as we see Mr. Olympia & Ted DiBiase. We then hear from DiBiase, who says he’s the captain of the Rat Pack. He also puts over Mr. Olympia’s loyalty and says together they can reach the top. Olympia says his loyalty lies with himself but his finances lie with Akbar then says Mid-South stopped payment on his check when he had to leave for sixty days. This is certainly a major development. First, DiBiase has returned and aligned with Olympia & Akbar, which goes against his friend Jim Duggan’s beliefs. He also declared himself the leader of the Rat Pack too so there is definitely going to be some problems when DiBiase and Duggan meet again.


King Kong Bundy vs. Kelly Kiniski

Bundy overpowers Kiniski to start. He catches a crossbody attempt then hammers away. Bundy follows with an avalanche then soon after that hits the splash for the win after a five count (1:49).

Thoughts: Another dominating win for Bundy as they continue to build him up as a major threat.


“Wild” Bill Irwin vs. Junkyard Dog

Irwin yells at the ref after JYD shoves him back. JYD uses a backdrop as Watts hypes up the Tag Team Title match. Irwin runs over JYD, who fights back, as these two end up in a stalemate while Watts talks about the JYD vs. Mr. Olympia North American Title match that will take place soon. JYD works a chinlock but Irwin breaks that up with a jawbreaker then hammers away. JYD fights back and no-sells a bicycle kick then hits a clothesline before the powerslam gets him the win (4:25) *1/2.

Thoughts: JYD gets a win over a name competitor to give him some momentum heading into the North American Title match. Irwin looked fine but its clear he’s not going to get any sort of push here in Mid-South.


We see Mr.Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. with Reeser Bowden talking about their title defense. Conway says the belts mean a lot to them and to come get them then vows revenge on DiBiase for getting knocked out by a loaded glove. Conway sounds like a nice guy but this was an unconvincing promo to say the least. Mr. Wrestling then goes off on Mr. Olympia and cannot wait to “beat him half to death.” I do like angry Mr. Wrestling II promos but he’s really not as fun to watch in the ring at this point.


Frank LaVert vs. “Hacksaw” Butch Reed

Watts puts over Reed’s football career and bench press ability. Reed overpowers La Vert then hammers away before using a front facelock as Watts compares him to Jim Duggan. Reed continues to beat on La Vert then absolutely drills him with a forearm smash before the flying shoulder tackle gets the win (3:25).

Thoughts: Reed remains impressive in these squash matches and Watts put him over strong on commentary. The fans are taking to Reed early on in his run with the Territory.


Mid-South Tag Team Title Match: Mr. Olympia & Ted DiBiase w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr.

DiBiase beats on Conway to start. Conway fights back and hits a pair of dropkicks then DiBiase bails. Conway takes DiBiase back inside with a headscissors then Mr. Wrestling takes DiBiase down with a knee lift. Mr. Olympia tags and tussles with Conway, who tags out. Mr. Wrestling hits a pair of arm drags and a slam before sending Olympia outside wit the power knee lift. DiBiase tags back in but Mr. Wrestling takes him down with a power knee lift too. Conway is back in and slams DiBiase for a two count. Conway eats boot on a charge as the challengers finally take control of the match. Conway gets beat down as Olympia & DiBiase use quick tags to cut off the ring. Mr. Wrestling makes the tag and fights off both men but misses a charge and hits the post. DiBiase slams Mr. Wrestling but misses a falling back elbow smash from the middle rope then Conway tags into the match. Akbar is up on the apron as Conway takes DiBiase down with a hurricarana and the ref runs over as Olympia kicks Conway in the face. Olympia tags in and puts Conway in a sleeper. Conway fights back then hits Olympia with a backbreaker as both men are down. Mr. Wrestling runs in as the match breaks down then Akbar slips something to Olympia, who puts it on his foot then Olympia dropkicks Conway for the win and the Tag Team Titles (8:03) **1/2.

Thoughts: It was all action but at the same time the result was predictable as the face team was on offense for just about the entire match, which usually tells you they are not going to win. You also had to have DiBiase & Olympia win, especially since Olympia was facing JYD for the North American Heavyweight Title but also due to the fact they were bigger stars than the other two.


Kamala & Kendo Nagasaki w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Art Crews & Mike Jackson

Nagasaki beats on Crews, who fights back. Watts tells us that Conway had to be helped backstage and mentions that Olympia put something on his boot to make the dropkick powerful. Kamala is in and beats on Jackson, who uses his speed to tag out. Crews enters but Kamala destroys him then Nagasaki enters and fires away. Crews decks Nagasaki and tags out as Jackson runs wild until missing a dropkick. Nagasaki hits a thrust kick then Kamala tags in and hits a pair of splashes for the win (2:39).

Thoughts: More of the same from Kamala & Nagasaki, although with Akbar acquiring DiBiase & Olympia, they seem to be taking a back seat at the moment.


Rip Rogers vs. Randy Barber

Watts says these two are trying to get a spot in Mid-South with this stand-by match. They trade arm wringers to start then Barber takes control. Barber blocks a reverse rollup and hits a slam that gets a one count but Rogers sneaks in a small package for the win (1:43).

Thoughts: Yikes, this was not good at all. Both men made a bad first impression here. Rogers stuck around for a little bit as Barber was an enhancement talent in several places throughout the decade.


Tony Zane vs. Tim Horner

Watts talks about the new champions and wants to know if this means that Mr. Olympia has joined the Rat Pack or did DiBiase join Akbar’s Army. Horner works over Zane and grounds him with a side headlock as Watts tells us that the midgets will in fact be here next week. Also, the main event is Mr. Wrestling II vs. Kendo Nagasaki. Horner gets a nearfall with a small package and a dropkick as we run out of time (2:37).

Thoughts: This was a showcase for Horner more than anything else. Horner was good in the ring and worthy of the lower midcard push he was receiving.


Final Thoughts: The big news here is DiBiase teaming with Mr. Olympia and joining Akbar’s Army to win the Tag Team Titles. We will now get some fallout between DiBiase and Duggan and hopefully soon crown a North American Heavyweight Champion.