Evil Hillbilly Jim

Hey Scott

Do you know if the WWF ever thought about turning Hillbilly Jim into a heel? A lot has been said about Paul Orndorff being a backup opponent for Hogan at WMIII if Andre couldn't go; but what about Hillbilly? Consider
the following: it was preestablished that he had been trained by Hogan. Supposedly he had gotten his first pair of wrestling boots from Hogan. So if he turns on Hogan on SNME, you've got the same dynamic as Hogan/Andre, but you've got a heel with better mic
skills and better wrestling ability than the Giant. Furthermore, you could bring back Uncle Elmer, Cousin Luke, and Cousin Junior and get a Four Horsemen like thing going on, perhaps culminating with the Megapowers versus the Megahillbillies at Summerslam
and Survivor Series. Is this just crazy fanboy booking, or did the WWF miss the boat?

​In what universe did Hillbilly Jim have either better wrestling skills or better mic skills than Andre?​