Woken up Bray Wyatt

Scott- the L.A. crowd got behind that ridiculous Bray/Matt segment more than anything else…couple questions:

-Obviously WWE is going to monetize the hell out of it (making Matt more cash) but doesn't it have a shelf life about as long as the Hardy's initial push?

-As long as it's a midcard act, does the E just let Matt run with it (Senor Benjamin, Vanguard 1, etc) or will it be reined in like everything else

-Does this do squat for Bray or is it just a minor blip (it doesn't fix the long term issues with Bray for sure)

Hey, as long as it keeps Bray away from the real stars, it's fine with me. They can cut gobbledy gook promos on each other and have pretaped House of Horror matches all year.  Matt can retire off the t shirt sales.