Butterfly effect had Owen Hart gone to WCW after Montreal?

Hey Scott,

I was watching a documentary on Owen Hart's death the other day and the narrator mentioned how Bischoff didn't have enough to buy out Owen's contract after the Montreal Screwjob, in which he was quite willing to jump ship along with the others.  It got me to wondering how much different things would've been had he been able to jump ship to WCW?  I know he wasn't built as a tip-toppy guy and he alone wouldn't have averted WCW's eventual demise but at least HE would be alive, right? After all, WCW knew how to properly have Sting descend to the ring so even if Russo made Owen do the same crap in WCW, it would've worked out to where he survived. But beyond that, had he gone to WCW, perhaps Bret would've given better effort and stood up for himself more amongst the backstage politics in WCW as opposed to what really happened? Maybe even having such a strong Canadian presence would've kept Benoit from leaving despite Sullivan's presence? Is it that far-fetched to believe there would've been a noticeable butterfly effect had Owen gone to WCW?

​I feel like him still being alive would've been enough for me.  But I don't think anything was helping to salvage Bret.  ​