WWE 205 Live – December 5, 2017

December 5, 2017

From the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, CA

Your hosts are Vic Joseph and Corey Graves


We see a highlight package from last night on RAW where Enzo Amore orderded the ‘Zo Train to win the Fatal Four Way, which was won by Drew Gulak as he stole the pin from Cedric Alexander to set up their match tonight.


Tonight, we will also see Rich Swann vs. Tony Nese and Brian Kendrick vs. Kalisto.


Drew Gulak comes out to the ring. He asks the crowd how they are doing before telling us that Enzo has named him the conductor of the ‘Zo Train while he is away on International Business. Gulak says they should call it the “Drew Train” and points out Enzo’s microphone that he is using and calls it the “Microphone of Leadership.” He is then about to give us a Powerpoint Presentation but Cedric Alexander comes out to interrupt for their match. However, Gulak slides out and says since he is the leader tonight, he has given the match to someone else looking to make a name for himself and introduces us to Noam Dar.


Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar w/ Drew Gulak 

Gulak is on commentary now. Dar works a side headlock as Gulak reminds us of Dar’s current slump while putting over his technical ability and charisma. Cedric fights back with a headscissors and a dropkick that gets two. Dar bails then Gulak tells him to pay attention as Cedric comes out. Dar blocks a satelitte headscissors and kicks Cedric in the ribs before slapping hands with Gulak, who calls him a “good boy.” Joseph asks Gulak if he will lie down for Enzo in a title match as Gulak switches topics to the weather and how we can make 205 Live a better place. Cedric takes Dar down with a back elbow smash then hits a springboard clothesline for a nearfall. Dar fights back and takes Cedric down as Gulak offers encouragement. Dar then goes up top but Gulak yells at him to get down but Cedric fights back and hits the Lumbar Check for the win (5:43) **. After the match, Cedric stares down Gulak before limping backstage. Gulak then tells us that Dar cost himself the match by not listening to his coaching.

Thoughts: Just a basic 205 Live match here. They are also continuing Dar’s losing streak gimmick that is putting his ‘Zo Train spot in jeopardy. It looks like there is a plan to turn Dar face and they might as well since his heel run has been putrid.


The 205 Live House Show dates are up. Kingston, RI on 1/19 (yours truly will be in attendance), 1/20 in Lowell, MA, and 1/21 in Poughkeepsie, NY


Rich Swann is talking with Mustafa Ali and Akira Tozawa. Dasha Fuentes then asks Swann about his #1 contender match next week and his match against Nese tonight. Swann says Gulak is afraid of Cedric and is sending Nese out tonight to soften up but promises to become a two-time Cruiserweight Champion. Swann showed off his charisma and likability but the verbiage was no bueno.


Clips of Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher laying out Kalisto last week are shown. We then see both men from earlier today as they mention that he is on International tour and want him gone for good.


The Brian Kendrick w/ “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher vs. Gran Metalik

We get an insert promo from Metalik in subtitles as he tells us Kalisto gets up when knocked down and promises to make Gallagher’s umbrella into his “personal pinata.” What a line. Metalik gets the best of Kendrick to start with his fast-paced offense. He hits a ropewalk missile dropkick then flies out with a tope onto Gallagher and almost kills himself in the process. Metalik takes Kendrick out with a springboard dropkick but misses a baseball slide as Kendrick hammers away. Metalik gets backdropped over the barricade but lands on his feet then runs and jumps over the guardrail with a hurricarana in a great spot. Gallagher yanks Metalik down during a springboard move as Kendrick finally takes control of the match. Metalik comes back with a sunset flip and a few rollup variations but runs into a knee smash. Metalik blocks a Sliced Bread #2 attempt but Kendrick kicks him from the apron then locks on the Captain’s Hook for the win (5:48) **1/2.

Thoughts: Metalik shined when on offense but with a clean loss I do not see much of a future with him in this feud between Kalisto and Gallagher & Kendrick.


We see a clip from last night when Nia Jax smiled and stared at Enzo before asking “How you doin’.”


Nese, Dar, and Ariya Daivari are backstage. Gulak enters to tell them all its important that he beats Swann on RAW next week. Daivari blows him off so Gulak says that is fine and he can tell that to Enzo when he returns. Gulak talks about the Microphone of Leadership and says they are like the Justice League as Daivari is upset over being called Wonder Woman, who Gulak said is a fierce competitor with a great sense of fashion. He then calls for everyone to support Nese so he can beat Swann tonight.


A video package on Hideo Itami airs.


Tony Nese w/ Drew Gulak vs. Rich Swann w/ Cedric Alexander

Nese hits a few chops to start. Swann comes back with a hurricarana then they work a fast-paced sequence ending with Nese sweeping Swann off of the apron. Swann fights back and ends up flying out on Nese with a Phoenix Press. Both Gulak and Cedric have some words then the match heads back inside. Nese grounds Swann with a body scissors as Swann does all he can to escape. Swann escapes and uses a bridge but Nese runs him over and covers for two. Nese puts Swann in the tree-of-woe as Cedric yells at the ref for letting Gulak interfere. Nese hits his ab crunch kicks then jaws at Cedric before making the cover, which gets two. Nese works a waistlock but Swann escapes only for Nese to trip him up. Nese whiffs on a springboard moonsault then Swann runs wild. He takes Nese off of the top rope with a hurricarana as Gulak is worried. They work a reversal sequence that ends with Nese hitting a pumphandle driver for a two count. Both men trade strikes in a sequence that gets the crowd going as Swann wins that battle before hitting the Phoenix Splash for the win (8:01) ***1/4. After the match, Gulak and Nese are in the aisle as Gulak turns on the siren to his megaphone as the rest of the ‘Zo Train come out. They surround the ring as Swann and Alexander are back-to-back waiting for them but Tozawa & Ali run out to even the odds as the ‘Zo Train bail as the announcers hype next week’s #1 Contender’s match on RAW.

Thoughts: I think both Nese and Swann are two guys who have improved the most in the ring since joining the main roster. They did a lot of cool stuff in this match. It was fun and Swann winning makes sense since he is in the #1 Contender’s match next week. Looks like the feud between the ‘Zo Train and the others involved here will continue.


Final Thoughts: They hyped up the #1 contender match and the main event was good but the rest was completely forgettable. Enzo will return next week and likely confront his new #1 contender to build up that match as the division revolves around the ‘Zo Train with Hideo Itami’s debut happening in the future.