RAW Championship

I've commented before on your blog about this but I think it bears repeating. Do I have severe OCD or does it bother anyone else that the Intercontinental Championship isn't called the RAW Championship with a red strap? Just the word Intercontinental seems so ridiculously out of place in near-2018 WWE. And for that matter the United States Championship should have an identical design and be called the Smackdown Championship with a blue strap.

They're so obsessed with branding and especially with the new Survivor Series concept, it would make things so much more streamlined. You have the WWE title on each show and the rest are color coded, identical, and show named.

I'd love to see this happen at the RAW 25th Anniversary show.

WWE Universal Championship
RAW Championship
RAW Women's Championship
RAW Tag Team Championship

Yeah, I might have OCD….

​The naming of the titles is messed up enough as it is, let's not confuse matters further.  The WWE title has already gone through a bunch of permutations since splitting off, going from "WWE World heavyweight title" to "WWE World title" to just "WWE title" as of late.  The problem with the rebranding of the secondary titles is that they've already swapped brands a few times over the years, so it's pointless to designate them as one individual show's title.  ​