WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event – October 13th, 1990

October 13, 1990

From the Toledo Sports Arena in Toledo, OH

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper

The theme this show is Oktoberfest as we see several wrestlers in Lederhosen


Demolition vs. Legion of Doom & Ultimate Warrior

Warrior & LoD clear the ring right after the bell. Smash then attacks Animal from behind and chokes him out in the ropes. Animal comes back with a powerslam but Smash pokes the eye and tags out. Animal is able to tag out as Warrior beats on Ax then the rest of Demolition until he misses a splash. Smash is back in as he hammers away on Warrior before tossing him outside. Crush roughs up Warrior on the outside as Demolition has taken control of the match. Warrior is trapped in Demolition’s corner then LoD run in to break up a Decapitation attempt. Warrior pumps himself up then makes the tag. Hawk runs wild then tags out to Warrior as the match breaks down. Warrior is left with Smash and takes him down with a flying shoulder tackle before getting the win with a splash (5:37) *1/2. After the match, LoD put Warrior on their shoulders.

Thoughts: I was a bit shocked to see Warrior play the face-in-peril but his championship reign has saw him take a back seat to Hogan so I shouldn’t have been too shocked. Speaking of shocks, Demolition got pinned cleanly. At this time, it was reported that both Ax & Smash gave notice to go work for All-Japan. However, only Ax ended up leaving. In all honesty though, they were a stale act and the addition of Crush did not work at all but their feud against LoD was heavily pushed on TV and they were going to be on opposite teams at the Survivor Series.


We are back to the Oktoberfest festivities as we see several stars enjoying themselves. Some of it is quite amusing. He cuts to Lord Alfred Hayes, who thinks English beer is better as we will hear more from him later on in the show. Lord Alfred was unable to hear Okerlund in a bit that would run throughout the show.


“Macho King” Randy Savage w/ Queen Sherri vs. Dusty Rhodes

Before heading to the ring, Dusty hugs his son Dustin who is sitting in the front row. Dustin had already wrestled for the company at last month’s MSG show. Dusty beats on Savage to start as Sherri is screaming. Savage breaks up a bearhug with an eye rake but Dusty catches him with a backslide for a nearfall. Sherri distracts Dusty, allowing Savage to hit a high knee from behind as Savage takes control of the match. Dustin is cheering on his dad, who is being slowed down by a chinlock. Sherri is screaming on the apron as the camera zooms in on her ass then we see Ted DiBiase and Virgil come down from the crowd and buys off the fans in the front row. They try to buy off Dustin but that fails as Dustin tears it up and tosses the money in Virgil’s face. DiBiase & Virgil sit between Dustin now as Dusty fights back. DiBiase yanks Dustin back down in his seat then Dusty comes out and goes after DiBiase but is stopped by the ref as we head to break. The action returns as Sherri is choking out Dusty behind the ref’s back. Savage fires away as Dustin cheers for his dad while DiBiase sits their using some great facial expressions. Dusty fights back and knocks down Savage in the corner but eats an uppercut. DiBiase yells at Dustin as Savage misses a running attack in the ropes. Savage is up first and comes off of the top but Dusty decks him midair. Dustin then takes a swing at DiBiase and Virgil but ends up getting tossed over the guardrail and beaten down. Virgil hits Dustin with a chair then Dusty heads out to confront DiBiase, allowing Savage to fly out and hit a double axe handle. Savage then rolls inside and wins via countout (8:18) **1/4. After the match, DiBiase & Virgil continue to beat down Dustin until Dusty is able to chase them away. DiBiase heads up the aisle telling us that everyone has a price and everyone will pay as Dustin is screaming as we see Dustin busted open.

Thoughts: The action was alright I suppose but the storyline advancement in the DiBiase/Dusty feud was pulled off well. They also shifted the catalyst of the feud from Sapphire to Dustin, who did a fine job on his WWF TV debut. I found this to be the most enjoyable match on the show.


Sean Mooney is backstage with Hulk Hogan & Tugboat. Hogan says he will not celebrate until evening the score with Earthquake & Dino Bravo. Tugboat says they both want Earthquake & Bravo and will go through Rhythm & Blues as Hogan declares this “D-Day 2” before closing by saying “what’cha gonna do” when they “Bavarian Cream” you! The verbiage here was awful.


Okerlund is with The Bushwhackers, who are cutting the cheese. Okerlund is disgusted by the smelly cheese as The Bushwhackers scream and chew with their mouths open. They are still having technical difficulties trying to check in on Lord Alfred. Another wacky segment from tonight.


Rhythm & Blues w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Tugboat & Hulk Hogan

Rhythm & Blues back Hogan into the corner but Hogan comes back with a double clothesline. Hogan then uses a double noggin-knocker before sending both men into Tugboat’s boot. Hogan & Tugboat work over the arm of Valentine for a bit. Honky tags in and Tugboat catches him with a bearhug until Valentine runs in for the save as Hogan yells at the ref to pay attention. Rhythm & Blues neutralize Tugboat, who eventually rolls away from an attack and makes the tag. Hogan runs wild and knocks Hart off of the apron as Hart runs backstage. Hogan beats on Valentine then hits the big boot and sets up for the leg drop but is stopped by Tugboat who shows him that Hart is back with Earthquake & Bravo. We head to break then return as Hogan & Tugboat beat on Valentine as we learn that Earthquake & Bravo were ordered backstage. Tugboat hits Valentine with an avalanche but is distracted by Hart and gets hit with a guitar for the DQ (7:20) *1/2. After the match, Earthquake & Bravo run in to attack Hogan as Tugboat is out on the outside. They all hold down Hogan so Earthquake can hit a splash but Tugboat hits Earthquake with the guitar then clears the ring to save Hogan from further punishment.

Thoughts: The action was forgettable but the main point was to prolong the Hogan/Earthquake feud as they let Tugboat play an important role by saving Hogan. The way it was done you’d expect Tugboat to turn on him down the road.


Now, Okerlund welcomes us to the Sausage-Stuffing Contest. The teams are Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Hart Foundation vs. Mr. Fuji & The Orient Express with Sausage-Stuffing Hall of Famer The Genius as the official. Fuji cheats at the end by tossing an already stuffed sausage down. I thought this was funny and extremely bizarre. Okerlund tries to cut back to Hayes, who is drunkenly explaining a joke to the brewmaster to show us all that this is turning into a giant shit-show.


Haku w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Texas Tornado

Heenan yells that Tornado is going to get hurt. Tornado responds by hitting a hip toss and a slam as Haku rolls out for a breather. Haku returns then puts Tornado in a rear choke for a bit. Tornado escapes but Haku beats him down in the corner. Tornado fights back and uses the claw then comes back with the discus punch for the win (3:10) *.

Thoughts: Some more hype for the Tornado vs. Perfect Intercontinental Title rematch, which has still yet to be announced. Haku’s stock continues to plummet. With the news that the WWF was dropping the “C” shows and a dozen or so talents, you’d assume that Haku was in the mix to get cut. There were times on TV Heenan wasn’t even bothering to show up as his second.


Mooney is backstage with Hogan & Tugboat as he promises to sink Earthquake & Bravo. Just as bad as the promo from earlier.


Koko B. Ware vs. Sgt. Slaughter w/ General Adnan

Piper continues to go off on Slaughter for aligning with Iraq. Adnan tries to get heat by waving the Iraq flag then Koko hits Slaughter with a flurry of offense. Slaughter takes a breather in the corner then Koko goes back in control until missing a corner splash. Slaughter hammers away but ducks his head and allows Koko to hit a swinging neckbreaker. Koko follows up with a pair of dropkicks but gets caught and hit with a hotshot. Slaughter then signals for the noogie and uses that for the win (5:18) *1/2. After the match, we see Nikolai Volkoff wave the American Flag from the interview platform as “Stars & Stripes” plays.

Thoughts: Sarge is still able to take good bumps but his offense is slow and pathetic right now. The company is pushing his Iraqi sympathizer stuff hard and used National TV to give him a win and highlight his feud against Volkoff.


Back to Oktoberfest, a shitfaced Lord Alfred is mumbling and laughing to himself as Okerlund notes he is having more than a “technical” problem. Great delivery by Okerlund on that line. We cut back to the Oktoberfest where a food fight breaks out. The food fight was predictable but still, this was entertaining segment.


Mooney is backstage with the Ultimate Warrior and asks him about Sherri slapping him three times on the “Brother Love Show.” Warrior says he will not lower himself to strike a woman and promises to go after Savage.


Now, Piper is backstage with Savage & Sherri and asks them about being the #1 contender. Sherri says she did not get in over her head and promises that Warrior has sealed his destiny as Savage will become the new champion.


We go back to Okerlund and Lord Alfred, who drunkenly calls Okerlund a disgusting mess who has made a spectacle of himself. Okerlund yells at Lord Alfred for not sticking the earpiece in his ear and throws food in his face. Vince tells us the next “Main Event” will be the Saturday after Thanksgiving.


Final Thoughts: The Oktoberfest segments were the best part of the show. I liked the Dusty/DiBiase stuff but the in-ring action was poor and the other feuds are just not that entertaining. The Hogan/Earthquake stuff is starting to drag now and its obviously they are stretching it out because they have no other heels for Hogan.

However, the real excitement was going on behind the scenes. Both Rick Rude and Akeem quit. Also, there were a dozen or so names that were going to get released. Some of those mentioned were Ronnie Garvin, Greg Valentine, Jimmy Snuka, Paul Diamond, Pez Whatley, Boris Zhukov, Jim Powers, Nikolai Volkoff, Jim Brunzell, Black Bart, and Koko B. Ware. Other news was that Jim Neidhart and the Honky Tonk Man would become color commentators on TV. The reason for this was the WWF doing terrible at the box office. Dave Meltzer reported in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” that the advance for the upcoming TV tapings in Missouri was only 1,500 for a 9,000 seat arena as the public’s interest in wrestling was steadily declining and it would continue for the next several years.