More Unreleased?

I really enjoyed the Unreleased DVD, but why were these lost for so long? 

For the matches in the 80’s, were they possible picks for Coliseum Video or Prime Time, but were passed over?  Do you think WWE has more of these and will release them?  Is there tapes of title switches from house shows like Money Inc over LOD, or the ’93 title switches with Shawn and Jannetty and the Steiners and Money Inc?

Also since they own the WCW Library, would they have unreleased WCW Matches too?  Would WWE have the unused Worldwide footage of Sid as WCW Champion that was taped in ’93 but never seen due to the Sid/Arn fight?  Or perhaps when Sherri was managing Kevin & Dave Sullivan but that footage was never used due to Evad getting injured and Cactus Jack becoming the partner

As we learned from the Observers, Sid was never filmed as champion.  The closest we got was people talking about him getting the title shot.

Apparently WCW doesn’t have much unused stuff in general because they weren’t the most careful company about saving stuff, plus they had so much TV to fill every week that they just used basically everything.

As for WWE, yeah, there’s still DAYS worth of tryouts alone they could use.  Or abandoned concepts, like Kane with a cape.  Most of the leftover stuff was indeed filmed with the intention of putting it out on Coliseum Video, but timing didn’t work out or whatever.

And yes, there’s definitely a tape of Money Inc beating LOD, and I’m pretty sure clips of Shawn beating Marty were already aired.  No idea about the Money Inc vs Steiners switches, or for that matter the Jeff Jarrett v Razor switches in Quebec in 95.  My gut says no, but they filmed a LOT of stuff, so who knows?