Mid-South Wrestling – April 7th, 1983

April 7, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week, we will see Junkyard Dog vs. Super Destroyer. Also in action are Mr. Olympia, King Kong Bundy, Kamala & Kendo Nagasaki, and more.


Another replay of Mr. Wrestling II confronting Mr. Olympia about messing with his belongings then the clip from the North American Heavyweight Title Tournament where Olympia aligned with Skandor Akbar and cheated to win the title. However, the decision was overturned as the two will face again in a few weeks to crown the new champion.


Mr. Olympia w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Tim Horner

Horner takes Olympia down with an arm drag to start. Olympia fights back and roughs up Horner as Watts goes off on Olympia for aligning with Akbar. Olympia works a front facelock then hits a suplex for a nearfall. Horner fights back and fires away in the corner but whiffs on a dropkick as Olympia gets a nearfall with a backbreaker. Horner fights back again and knocks down Olympia. He gets two with a leg drop but Olympia sidesteps a charge and soon after that puts Horner away with the sleeper (4:02) **.

Thoughts: This is Olympia’s first TV appearance with Akbar and the crowd hated him so pushing him as a heel heading into the North American Heavyweight Title match has been good so far.


Watts talks about a potential power struggle going on with the Rat Pack. We see a clip from two weeks ago were Jim Duggan turned on partner Matt Borne as he beat him down with help from the Super Destroyer. Watts also notes that Ted DiBiase is still the leader but Duggan is upset with how things are going. Its obvious they are setting up a confrontation between Duggan and DiBiase.


Super Destroyer vs. Junkyard Dog

JYD beats on Destroyer to start. He grabs a chinlock as Watts says JYD does not know who to trust anymore. JYD now uses an armbar and works that for a while as Watts tells us that DiBiase will be returning soon. JYD misses a falling headbutt then Destroyer beats him down. Destroyer gets two with a knee drop then uses a chinlock but JYD escapes and hits a clothesline before the powerslam gets the win (5:33) *.

Thoughts: A long and extremely boring match. A few weeks after his debut and Destroyer is already losing on TV so his future here does not appear all that bright.


We see a clip of King Kong Bundy. He is not here to wrestle chumps or punks but guys like Andre the Giant, JYD, and Mr. Wrestling II. He puts over how Atlantic City, his hometown, is the baddest place in the world as he tells us all to be ready for his splash. This was a fine promo as the promotion is building up Bundy for a top feud.


King Kong Bundy vs. John Davidson

Bundy immediately beats down Davidson as Watts says his five-count might not work with tough competition. Bundy contnues to destroy Davidson and puts him away with the splash as he forces the ref to count to five (2:17). Crowd chants go home.

Thoughts: An entertaining squash match as the Bundy push continues.


Art Crews & Ron Ellis vs. Kamala & Kendo Nagasaki w/ Skandor Akbar & Friday

Nagasaki beats on Crews to start. He cuts off a comeback with a kick to the face then tags out as Kamala chops away. Ellis tags in and Nagasaki takes him down with a thrust kick then Kamala tags and gets a win with a pair of splashes (2:16).

Thoughts: They are putting over the Akbar guys here as they are both getting prominent pushes in the territory.


“Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. Kelly Kiniski

The fans give Reed a nice applause in his TV debut. Reed hits an atomic drop then follows up with a pair of dropkicks as Watts gushes over his size, speed, and ability. Reed hits a press slam then hits a flying shoulder tackle for the win (2:07).

Thoughts: An impressive TV debut for Reed. He looked great and the fans took a liking to him. Watts was really hyping him up on commentary so expect him to also get a significant push going forward.


Final Thoughts: The action was poor overall but it did plant the seeds for storylines down the road and pushed newer talents. We are a few weeks away until the JYD vs. Olympia Title match so most of the TV will be building to that then we can see the aftermath.