Other WCW events to bring back?

With War Games and Starrcade returning, which WCW events would you bring back next? As a kid, I always loved the name and logo for Halloween Havoc and Fall Brawl, and may be a nice way to market September and October houseshows. SuperBrawl would allow for some logical gimmick matches replacing a blandly named event like Battleground or the outdated No Mercy.

Halloween Havoc is a no brainer.  They'd probably put it in July, of course.  I feel like SuperBrawl might be too close to Superbowl for Vince's liking, though.  I'd actually replace Extreme Rules with Uncensored, because it's a more descriptive name.  Frankly, anything's better than the endless generic names like Vengeance and Payback and Backlash and Backpay and whatnot.