Bret Hart V.S. The Ultimate Warrior

In Brets book, he said before the whole steriod scandal happened, that the original plan for Mania 9 had him wresting Warrior in which he'd beat Warrior with the sharpshooter to win the World Title. Any truth to this? I just can't see Warrior tapping to the sharpshooter ever.

​I just can't see it.  By the time Bret got the first World title push, Warrior was on the way out and they didn't really believe in Bret as a top guy anyway.  So I can't see them first of all putting the title on Warrior (which WAS originally planned, that's true) only to have him immediately lose it in a babyface match to Bret Hart.  But as we learned in the Observers, there definitely was a rough plan to get the belt from Flair to Warrior sometime in 1993.  ​