Who do you pick instead of Barry?

Obviously Flair walking out prior to GAB 91 was a disaster

A lot of people complain about them randomly deciding that Barry Windam qualified for a title match, considering Barry had been solidly mid card for years prior to the event

I must admit that I struggle to think of who else they could have stuck in there instead

Sting/Koloff were busy with each other, Arn Anderson had suffered from the same mid card booking as Barry, ditto for Ron Simmons

My only thought would be Vader

He wasn't really over to that level yet, but you could either have him crush Luger and get himself over in one night, or you could have baby face Lex squeak a win, causing Vader to come back with Race as his manager for a rematch

Who would your pick have been?

​The complaint about using Barry Windham in that spot is like the least important issue with the show.  Once Flair left with the title, there was no simple fix.  Windham was as good as anyone.​