WWF Wrestling Challenge – October 7th, 1990

October 7, 1990

From the IMA Sports Arena in Flint, MI

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

In action this week are Tugboat, Sgt. Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes, Demolition, and Saba Simba


Tugboat vs. Black Bart

Heenan thought Tugboat’s horn was the Bossman’s mother passing gas. Tugboat overpowers Bart as we hear from Jimmy Hart in an insert promo saying there are two anchors standing in Tugboat’s way and that Hogan will be “dry-docked” too by Earthquake & Dino Bravo. Bart rakes the eyes of Tugboat but is hit with a corner splash then Tugboat puts Bart away with a splash (2:20).

Thoughts: The Hogan & Tugboat vs. Earthquake & Bravo feud continues, as does Heenan’s jokes about Bossman’s mother.


WWF Special Report with Gene Okerlund. This is the same Survivor Series report that we saw from “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Spike Jones vs. The Warlord w/ Slick

Warlord overpowers Jones to start. Heenan makes more jokes about Bossman’s mom then Mike McGuirk. Warlord stays in control then hits a running powerslam for the win (1:54).

Thoughts: Another TV squash match win for The Warlord who still does not have a direction in the company.


Dusty Rhodes vs. Paul Diamond

Dusty takes Diamond down with a hip toss but Diamond rakes the eyes and hammers away. Heenan says Dusty will sell out to Ted DiBiase soon enough as Dusty fights back. Diamond gets tossed outside then we hear from DiBiase in an insert promo laughing at Dusty’s comments about how he would pay his price in the ring. Dusty stays in control then hits the bionic elbow drop for the win (1:53).

Thoughts: More hype for the Dusty/DiBiase feud.


We see the giant turkey egg with a few children rubbing it as Gorilla wonders what is inside.


Demolition vs. Kevin Kruger & WT Jones & Kent Carlson

We hear from Demolition in an insert promo telling the Legion of Doom that they do not run away from anyone. They beat on Kruger to start then do the same to Carlson. Gorilla makes fun of Heenan for making Mr. Perfect defend the Intercontinental Title against Texas Tornado on just ten days notice as Demolition stays in control. Jones is in and gets put away with the Decapitation (3:40).

Thoughts: I totally agree with what Demolition said in their shoot interview with RF Video. The company rushed into this feud too soon. Sure, Demolition was starting to lose popularity with Crush on board but they could have done a bit more with them because of how weak the heel side was at the time.


Gene Okerlund welcomes the Texas Tornado to the interview platform. He asks Tornado about now that Mr. Perfect has had ample time to prepare for the match, how will he defend the title. Tornado said he proved that Mr. Perfect is not the perfect champion and that its up to Perfect himself to prove that he is the perfect challenger then talks about tornadoes and god while saying the tornado will touch Perfect then together we will all move on while he proves to be the best Intercontinental Champion ever. This was not a good promo at all by Tornado. His delivery was poor as was the material.


Clips of Sgt. Slaughter & General Adnan attacking Nikolai Volkoff from the 9/24 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling” airs.


Sgt. Slaughter w/ General Adnan vs. George Anderson

We hear from Slaughter & Adnan in an insert promo telling Volkoff that in war all what counts is total annihilation and victory. Slaughter beats on Anderson for a while until he puts him away with the Camel’s Clutch (2:45). After the match, Slaughter reapplies the hold while Adnan distracts the ref.

Thoughts: The company is giving Slaughter the Camel’s Clutch as a finisher to show us just how serious he is about aligning with Iraq.


Saba Simba vs. Al Burke

Heenan tells us that just one half-hour ago, Simba laid the giant egg that is on stage. Simba tosses Burke around for a bit as we hear from Akeem & Slick in an insert promo as they call Simba a fake African. Simba stays in control then puts Burke away with a Samoan Drop (2:05).

Thoughts: The Simba character is just ridiculous and the premise of his feud with Akeem even worse.


Power & Glory w/ Slick vs. “Jumping” Jim Brunzell & Brad Kramer

We hear from Power & Glory with Slick in an insert promo as they promise to take out The Rockers for good. Roma beats on Brunzell but misses a clothesline as Brunzell fires away. Brunzell tags out after eating boot on a charge as Kramer tags in only to get beaten down. Heenan puts over Power & Glory as they stay in control and get the win with the Power Plex (3:27).

Thoughts: Power & Glory sure were putting on entertaining squash matches at the time. This was no exception.


In action next week are Earthquake, The Bushwhackers, Legion of Doom, and Mr. Perfect. Plus, the debut of Battle Kat, whose picture is still just a giant question mark.


Final Thoughts: Nothing really happened here that was exclusive to “Wrestling Challenge.” The shows will be focused on Survivor Series hype until the PPV airs.