Wrestlers compensation Now

Hey Scott

We all know how wrestlers were paid back in the day with getting a certain percentage of the gate. That’s why they had to “talk asses into seats”.

But how does it work now.   You have said before that they had to back up the brinks truck for AJ.  But what about the NXT grown guys.

Does Braun sign for a certain about and have bonus if he gets to main roster?

Or Jinder for example.  A curtain jerker who became champ.   Does all of the sudden her go from making like 6 figures to high 6 figures?

Just curious on how they scale it. Especially with really no competition to speak of.

​No one really knows for sure, especially the wrestlers, which is why guys like Cody going off to the indies and doing pretty well has been a very eye-opening experience for lots of them.  The death of the PPV system and house show model have both made it difficult to figure stuff.  Top guys typically have a set downside plus bonuses (like Reigns, Orton, Cena, etc) but your midcarders (ie, the rest of the roster) are pretty much just paid on Vince's whims.  It's kind of a shitty system.​