Mid-South Wrestling – March 31st, 1983

March 31, 1983

Bill Watts is your host as Boyd Pierce is not here this week.


Watts talks about the North American Heavyweight Title tournament that took place on March 21st. There were 13 competitors and four first round matches and five wrestlers who got byes. The Junkyard Dog and Ted DiBiase got byes due to being former champions, Kamala got a bye because he was the #1 contender, Hacksaw Jim Duggan got a bye for being the Louisiana Heavyweight Champion, and Kendo Nagasaki got the wild-card bye. The 1st round matches were Mr. Olympia vs. Marty Lunde, Mr. Wrestling II vs. Bill Irwin, Butch Reed vs. Super Destroyer, and Matt Borne vs. Tito Santana. He then tells us the final match was Mr. Olympia vs. JYD as we see some of the match with Watts narrating, telling us that Mr. Olympia got a “controversial” win over Reed then Olympia snubbed a pre-match handshake then left to retrieve Skandor Akbar, who is now Olympia’s advisor after a phone call from Olympia himself, upset that Mr. Wrestling II came into Mid-South and tried to be the top masked man. It also confirms that Mr. Wrestling II was right in that Olympia messed around with his belongings. Nagasaki came in and attacked JYD before hitting a thrust kick then Olympia put JYD in a sleeper as the ref is out. A second ref comes in and gives Olympia the win then Olympia bails before the decision can be reversed. Watts says he feels Mid-South should not honor Olympia as champion because JYD’s shoulders were not pinned and that the official was stunned when making the count and then we learn the title is held up. Well, we finally learned what happened at this tournament and the upsetting news about Mr. Olympia that Watts talked about last week. This would be the theme of the entire show.


Now, we saw from backstage after the show where Akbar presented the title to Olympia and said that paying his dues never did anything for him as Olympia said he left for 60 days by taking someone’s place and got pushed aside while JYD came back as Stagger Lee and was not a man of his word and could not wait 60 days. Olympia does have a point here, although it was never “proved” that JYD was Stagger Lee, who appeared with JYD in that footage where they were with Tony Atlas as he was bench pressing.


Watts tells us that April 16th at the Louisiana Superdome will feature JYD vs. Olympia for the North American Heavyweight Title and the $10,000 prize then sells more disgust over Olympia aligning with Akbar.


King Kong Bundy vs. Ron Ellis

Bundy comes in screaming and pissed over thinking he was going to wrestle Andre the Giant instead of “garbage.” The ref tells Bundy to wrestle then the bell rings as Bundy offers a handshake then kicks Ellis in the gut. He boots down Ellis as Watts tells us how Bundy demands the ref give him a five count as Bundy hits the splash for the win while forcing the ref to count to five (1:07).

Thoughts: Bundy gets an easy win in his Mid-South debut by using his five count gimmick. He is also aiming at taking out Andre the Giant.


Watts recaps the tournament then we see highlights of the Tito Santana vs. Matt Borne match from the first round. Santana put Borne away with a death lock pinning combo. Other 1st round results saw Olympia defeat Lunde, Mr. Wrestling II defeat Irwin, and Reed defeat Super Destoryer. Kamala vs. Mr. Wrestling II ended in a no decision eliminating both men from the tournament.


Back from commercial, we see the Butch Reed vs. Jim Duggan 2nd round match in the battle of the Hacksaw’s. Reed wins with a flying shoulder tackle.


Kendo Nagasaki defeated Tito Santana via countdown after spewing mist in Santana’s face. We then learn that JYD defeated DiBiase as Olympia received a bye and got to face Reed in the semi-finals.


We see clips of Reed vs. Mr. Olympia as Olympia advanced after Duggan came in to spear Reed from behind while wearing his helmet as Olympia stomped away then hit a sleeper for the win. They protected Reed in defeat and continued the story of Duggan being pissed over another Hacksaw coming into the Territory.


Now, Watts shows us the final minutes of Mr. Olympia vs. JYD in the Tournament Finals complete with the Olympia & Akbar promo. Watts then closes the show by telling us there is no champion and next week we will see JYD vs. Super Destroyer and Mr. Olympia will also be in action.


Final Thoughts: Almost the entire show was based off of the tournament but it was extremely entertaining and important for storyline purposes. We learned that Mr. Olympia was in fact responsible for tormenting Mr. Wrestling II and has aligned with Akbar as he will face JYD for the North American Title in a few weeks. Also, we have a Battle of the Hacksaws and newcomer King Kong Bundy calling out Andre the Giant. A fun recap show this week.


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