Saturday Night’s Main (Thread) Event

So my wife and her friends are having a girl’s night and taking over the main floor of the house, so tonight I’m retreated into my glorious mancave filled with wrestling DVDs and action movies and staying there for as long as possible.  So expect a random PPV rant tomorrow morning, although I’ve got a few ideas of what I’m leaning towards.  Hint:  It takes place in Madison Square Garden.

Tonight is also STARRCADE 2017 in Greensboro, which is apparently turning into quite the flop, so I guess we won’t be seeing a PPV any time soon.  I was hoping they’d just broadcast the show on the Network for fun, but NOPE.  Tickets are going at whatever the opposite of a brisk pace is, so if you’re in the area and want to watch Jinder Mahal in the main event, get yours now!

Other than that, there’s apparently a ton of college football, although that’s basically the combination of things that makes me care least.  If there’s any football I care about less than professional football, it’s COLLEGE football.

I made a second huge Black Friday purchase today:  Hitman steelbook edition for PS4, which was $20 at Best Buy.  Never played it before, but it looks like a fun game.  Big spender, that’s me.

Talk about the stuff here!