Billy Gunn

I was just reading your sportingnews article, and was wondering why Vince tried so many attempts to push Billy Gunn as a star? Granted, the Outlaws made a ton of money in merch, but that was more from the DX affiliation and Road Dogg's mic work and catchphrases. Even with the failed singles attempts after the Outlaws split, ("The One," "Mr. Ass," etc), they tried again by putting him with Chuck Palumbo and hoped to get publicity out of that. Not saying any of those gimmicks were good, but they clearly wanted to push him. Yet, in an older RF shoot with him and Road Dogg, he's extremely vocal about having always hated Vince and wanting nothing to do with Triple H or Stephanie ever again. In more recent interviews, he comes off as a major jerk, and a bully to the interviewer. But in 2014, he was back again for another tag title run, and then a trainer for NXT before getting fired for the wellness violation. Why so many chances for the guy?

As I've said for many years, Billy checks the three boxes most vital to a successful career in WWE:
1.  Be tall
2.  Be muscular
3.  Have nice hair.  

Having those qualities forgives a lot of bullshit in Vince's eyes.