WWF Wrestling Challenge – September 30, 1990

September 30, 1990

From the Wheeling Civic Center in Wheeling, WV

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon, returning from his absence due to surgery, and Bobby Heenan

In action this week are the Hart Foundation, Dino Bravo, Nikolai Volkoff, Rhythm & Blues, and Jim Duggan


Hart Foundation vs. “Pistol” Pez Whatley & “Playboy” Buddy Rose

Neidhart backdrops Rose after an Irish whip sequence as Heenan says Legion of Doom are the only reason the Hart Foundation are champions. Whatley briefly attacks Hart but misses a reverse rollup. The Hart Foundation are in control as we hear from Rhythm & Blues and Jimmy Hart in an insert promo as they promise to become the next Tag Team Champions then they hit the Hart Attack on Whatley for the win (3:22). After the match, Heenan says there is more oil in Hart’s hair than in all of Iraq.

Thoughts: Another win for the Hart Foundation as they hype up their title defense against Rhythm & Blues.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. This is about Rick Martel and his Arrogance cologne as we see clips of him on the “Brother Love Show” spraying the set before he brings out his guests. We then hear from Martel as he tells us that Arrogance is a privilege and only something he shares with select people, like Brother Love. It’s clear this will be leading to something for Martel and it did.


Duane Gill vs. Dino Bravo w/ Jimmy Hart & Earthquake

We hear from Tugboat in an insert promo as he tells Bravo & Earthquake they failed to put him out of the WWF and is coming after them. Bravo beats on Gill in the corner then hits a clothesline. Bravo dumps Gill outside where Earthquake tosses him back inside for some more punishment until Bravo gets the win with a side slam (1:51). After the match, Earthquake hits a pair of sit-down splashes that cause Gill to leave on a stretcher.

Thoughts: They are pushing that Tugboat is back and looking for revenge after being taken out by Earthquake & Bravo.


The announcers shill for the 1991 WWF Calendar.


Tito Santana vs. Barry O.

These two go back-and-forth until Tito takes control. He hits a dropkick then works the arm as Heenan accuses him of cheating. Barry comes back with a clothesline then takes his time heading up top and gets punched in midair. Tito fires away then soon after that hits the flying forearm for the win (3:31).

Thoughts: Tito gets the win. He has nothing going on at all right now but with the Survivor Series coming up they are going to give the lower midcard guys wins to hype them up a bit heading into the PPV.


The Orient Express w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Ross Lindsey & Mike Pocari

Lindsey gets a nearfall with a rollup but runs into a thrust kick from Tanaka. Sato is now in with Pocari as Gorilla puts over the Tag Team Division before we hear from The Bushwhackers in an insert promo as they gloat over their lack of discipline. Heenan says there is a rumor that The Bushwhackers are the two daughters of the Big Bossman’s mom as Sato hits a sitout powerbomb for the win (2:06).

Thoughts: They continue to push the Bushwhackers vs. Orient Express feud, which really is not exciting anyone at this point.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Bob Bradley

Bradley attacks Duggan from behind and hammers away in the corner. Duggan fights back then Bradley bails to avoid the Three Point Stance. Duggan gets the crowd chanting “USA” as Heenan wonders if Duggan forgets where he is then Duggan slingshots Bradley inside and soon after that hits the Three Point Stance for the win (1:10).

Thoughts: Duggan gets another TV win but its clear his position on the card as been lowered. The only thing he has going on now is a partnership with Nikolai Volkoff.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan to the interview platform. We are shown clips from last week where Heenan was cuffed to the guardrail then Rude tells us he told Heenan everything to say and if Bossman does not like this then he needs to come out and confront him as he makes fun of her some more. Rude then said he is genetically “perfect” and can say whatever he wants about anyone as Heenan tells Bossman he is trash due to the fact he was raised by trash while Rude once again calls out Bossman. The company is really trying to push the Rude/Bossman feud heavily on TV. And notice with the Slaughter stuff and a feud revolving around Bossman’s mother being made fun of that they are aiming for a more edgier product.


Black Bart vs. Nikolai Volkoff

We hear from Sgt. Slaughter & General Adnan in an insert promo. Adnan speaks in his native tongue as Slaughter tells Volkoff he was just given orders to destroy him as Heenan makes jokes about gas prices increasing. Volkoff hits Bart with a spin kick then stomps away before putting him away with one of the worst Russian Sickle’s I’ve ever seen (1:23).

Thoughts: Awful even by squash match standards. The Volkoff/Slaughter feud continues but as we saw during this past MSG show, where Slaughter won cleanly, that its just a vehicle to get over Slaughter’s new act.


An ad for Survivor Series airs.


Rhythm & Blues w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Mike Durham & Mike Williams

The Hart Foundation are in an insert promo telling Rhythm & Blues to come and try to take away the Tag Team Titles. Rhythm & Blues beat on Durham for a bit as Heenan puts them over as a threat before they hit a double back suplex for the win (2:48).

Thoughts: Its tough to get excited about Rhythm & Blues as the #1 contender to the Tag Team Titles. They were floundering after their program with The Bushwhackers flopped and randomly got a title shot opportunity.


In action next week are Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter, Demolition, and Tugboat. Plus, an interview with Kerry Von Erich and more!


Heenan then ends the show warning the Big Bossman that he is about to get paid back for what he did.


Final Thoughts: Not a whole lot of new stuff here. They keep pushing the main TV programs and we will soon learn about the matches that will take place at the Survivor Series so expect a lot of brief, midcard feuds thrown together to add hype for the PPV.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:


Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 3/31/83

Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 10/6/90

Monday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 10/7/90

Tuesday: WWF Prime Time Wrestling 10/8/90

Wednesday: TBD

Thursday: Highspots Developmentally Speaking with Pete Gas & Eugene

Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 10/13/90