NXT Royal Rumble

With NXT having produced a War Games match, do you think there's potential for them to embrace other gimmick matches from WWF or WCW?

I was thinking it'd be cool for NXT to have their own Royal Rumble match during the Takeover of Royal Rumble weekend some year, but perhaps that would be one too many Royal Rumble matches in one weekend?

If they did go for an NXT Rumble, either in January or, to keep the WWE version special, maybe some other time of the year, what would the winner of the NXT Rumble receive?
Woud he get a shot at the NXT champ? Or maybe a match at Wrestlemania?

Or maybe the NXT Rumble winner could wrestle the WWE Rumble winner to decide who gets the main event opportunity at the Royal Rumble?

​I think having one outside of the actual Royal Rumble show would be diluting the brand a bit too much, actually.  I'd keep it reasonably special, especially since the kind of coordination typically needed for a Rumble is beyond the capabilities of the guys in developmental for all but a few.  ​