Hogan & Macho Man in the WWF

How come there was never an on-screen reconciliation in the WWF between Hulk and Macho Man, after Macho turned back face after WM VII?  Was it on-purpose that Hulk wasn't at the wedding between Macho and Liz at Summerslam 1991?  Do you think the Mega-Maniacs
vs Money Inc feud for WM IX, would have been better if it were Savage instead of Beefcake?  Was that ever discussed?

Also same with Hogan and Andre, no reconciliation, after Andre turned face at WM VI and turned on Heenan.  Whenever he made a few appearances in the WWF in 1991, Hogan was nowhere to be found.  Was that deliberate, or just no one thought of it.

​Well, I mean, Hogan was a bit of a wanker, right?  I wouldn't want to reconcile with him if I was those guys, either.  In Savage's case the whole reason that they split up in the first place was due to Hogan having LUST in his eyes for Elizabeth, and she only got hotter in 1992, so it's pretty understandable.  
As for Andre, I think he proved his point in 1988.  If anything Hogan should have come crawling back to HIM. ​