Royal Rumble

Hey Scott

Longtime blog reader; keep up the excellent work.  I don't know how you sit through all these 5 hour pay-per-views; you're a better man than I am.

My question for the blog…

What with all this talk of a women's Royal Rumble, I'm sure many might think two Rumble matches is overkill and it won't fly.  To that I say, why not scrap the men's Royal Rumble?  It's been crap for the last few years due to a combination of lousy match
layout and the fans dumping on whoever WWE is trying to get over, so why not just can it?  There was a road to WrestleMania in the days before the Royal Rumble and the whole winner gets a title shot at WM is so played out it's gone beyond cliché.  Do you think
we could do without a men's Rumble??  Surely it would freshen things up a little bit?

​With another six callups this week, it sure does feel like they're gathering the troops for something, doesn't it?  I'd be worried, because they have enough trouble booking the men's Rumble with top-level workers involved as it is.  I wouldn't scrap the main one, though.  I mean, I need SOMETHING to look forward to as a fan!  ​