2000 WWE ruined by today’s product

Hey Scott,

I know everybody loves 2000 WWF, and I do too. But recently when I go back and watch the shows, I can't help but be turned off because it's all "The McMahon-Helmsley Era" and it revolves around HHH, Stephanie, Shane, Kurt Angle, etc. And then you turn on today's product and it's THE SAME PEOPLE.

It actually made it kind of hard to watch knowing things would not change for 17 years and counting. It's depressing. Especially after last night, it makes me want to never watch 2000 WWF again because the same people are still in control and nothing ever changes. 

​DON'T GIVE UP HOPE.  Go watch Backlash 2000 again and watch the McMahons actually get comeuppance.  You'll feel better.​