wXw 2017 World Tag Team League, Night Three

You can read my recaps of Night One and Night Two

October 8, 2017

From Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Your hosts are Alan Counihan and Rico Bushido

We get to hear from all the teams involved and how they are going to win the tournament. Despite being the champions heading into the tournament, the Young Lions have to win in order to retain because the belts are vacant for the tournament.


Here are the standings:

Block A: Massive Product 6 points, Young Lions 3 points, A4 3 points, Spirit Squad 0 points

Block B: Ringkampf 3 points, EYFBO 3 points, Briscoes 3 points, The Rottweilers 3 points


However, we learn that Low Ki is hurt as The Rottweilers are now out of the tournament. Low Ki is using crutches as Homicide will face off against Bobby Gunns in a singles match.


Block A: Spirit Squad vs. A4

The Spirit Squad try to attack A4 on the stage but fail. Andy tosses the Spirit Squad inside then Al-Ani takes them both down with a springboard clothesline. Back inside, Kenny’s headband is pulled down over his eyes and works a pinfall reversal sequence with his partner until both men collapse. A4 work stereo sharpshooters until the Spirit Squad reach the ropes. Kenny is able to hit Andy with a dropkick then mocks his chants before stopping away. The Spirit Squad neutralize Andy for a bit until he is able to put Kenny in a sharpshooter. Mikey runs in and Andy catches him on his shoulders while maintaining the hold. Andy tags out as Al-Ani runs wild and has the crowd chanting his name. He flies out with a double clothesline then rolls Mikey inside as A4 appears to be in control but out of the blue, Andy super kicks Al-Ani. Andy stares at Al-Ani then the Spirit Squad cover for the win as the crowd boos (6:22) *1/2. Andy stares at Al-Ani then leaves and Al-Ani eventually pulls himself up as the crowd cheers.

Thoughts: This was all about the A4 split, which genuinely shocked the crowd. Al-Ani had a great showing in this tournament and is young so splitting him up as a singles act is not a bad idea at all.


We learn that The Briscoes win via forefeit over The Rottweilers


Block A: Massive Product vs. Young Lions

The winner of this match will go to the tournament finals. Both teams brawl to start as Massive Product takes control. Lucky Kid runs in to save his partner then gets the best of both members of Massive Product. He flies out with a somersault plancha then heads back inside. Aslan is in and works the leg of Starr as the champs are cutting off the ring. The Young Lions cheat behind the ref’s back as they use various distraction techniques then Lucky is able to stop a comeback attempt and puts on a chinlock. Aslan tags in but Starr takes him down with an elbow strike then fights him off but Lucky tags in and prevents a tag. Lucky then yanks Simmons off of the apron as the Young Lions hits a handspring elbow/Russian leg sweep combo for a two count. Starr chops away then escapes to make the tag as Simmons runs wild. Aslan makes the save after a Doctor Bomb but Simmons ends up fighting him off. Pete Bouncer comes out to distract Massive Product but Starr beats him down until he gets hit with a low blow. The Young Lions double-team Simmons, who tries to fight back, but the Young Lions are able to stay in control. Bouncer distracts the ref as Ivan Kiev hands Aslan the belt but Starr makes the save on the pin attempt and runs wild. Simmons tags out as Starr runs wild. The Young Lions set up for a double-team move but Aslan accidentally stomps his bouncer. Simmons takes out the rest of RISE on the outside then Simmons tags in as they hit the Spike Piledriver on Aslan for the win (13:37) ***1/4.

Thoughts: We will have new wXw Tag Team Champions tonight. Massive Product have been undefeated so far, the only team to do so at this point. I don’t care much for the Young Lions in the ring but this was their best match in the tournament.


Block B: EYFBO vs. Ringkampf

Ringkampf advances to the finals if they win. And if EYFBO wins, The Briscoes will go to the finals. Thatcher backs Drastik into the corner then gets flipped off. EYFBO then clear the ring with double dropkicks and fly out with stereo topes. Back inside, Thatcher tags in and stomps Ortiz in the corner. WALTER is back in as Ortiz asks to be hit harder so WALTER destroys him and yells “do you think you’re tough.” Ortiz tries to fight back but runs into a double dropkick. Ortiz is able to take down Thatcher and tag out a Drastik works over the neck of Thatcher. He hits a side slam to counter an armbar then goes back to the neck. EYFBO gets a nearfall with a Decapitation leg drop but soon after that Thatcher comes back with an enziguiri and tags out as WALTER runs wild. EYFBO take WALTER down with a double low dropkick and hit a few more double team moves but cannot put WALTER away. WALTER hits a tilt-a-whirl slam then tags out. The match breaks down then Ringkampf beats on Drastik for a bit. Drastik fights back then tags out as EYFBO briefly takes control but Ringkampf takes over and put Ortiz away with a double powerbomb (11:52) ***3/4. After the match, the fans give EYFBO a standing ovation and “please come back” chants.

Thoughts: This was one hell of a match. EYFBO worked their asses off and Ringkampf is a great team. The crowd was really into this and EYFBO deserved their reaction at the end. Those are two hard workers.


RISE comes out to the ring. John Klinger cuts a promo as the fans boo then chant for Illja Dragunov. Klinger shuts them up to remind them he is the wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion. Julian Nero then comes out and brings out Cerebrus as they run in for a brawl then we get official word of an eight-man tag match. Cerebrus reuniting is the huge story.


RISE (John Klinger & Da Mack & Ivan Kiev & Pete Bouncer) vs. Cerebrus (Ilja Dragunov & Julian Nero & Avalance & Dirty Dragan)

Mack looks almost zombie like, a complete transformation from his former character. Klinger beats on Dragunov, who is now trapped in the RISE corner. Dragunov hits Bouncer with an enziguiri as Cerebrus is now in control. Klinger low-bridges Dragan, who gets rolled inside by Mack. Klinger tags in and laughs off some chops by Dragan and hits a German suplex before tagging into Kiev. RISE cuts off the ring as they take turns beating on Dragan. Avalanche is able to tag in as he cleans house then Nero hits a top rope knee drop for a two count as Mack makes the save. Klinger is back in and he kicks Nero in the face but Nero backdrops him and tags out. Klinger kicks Dragunov low then the match breaks down completely with everyone hitting high-impact moves ending with Dragunov taking out Nero with the Torpedo Moscow. Kiev cuts off Dragunov with a roundhouse kick then flies out with a pescado. Nero takes out a few members of RISE with a running knee smash from the apron. Mack cuts off Avalanche from making a dive then Klinger uses a choke toss to send Dragunov outside. Avalanche tosses Klinger outside and Mack takes him down with a springboard elbow smash but Dragunov runs out for a tope then tosses Klinger inside and then after some back-and-forth action Dragunov puts him away with the Torpedo Moscow (12:12) ***1/4.

Thoughts: An enjoyable match. With Cerebrus rejoined they need a win and Dragunov gets some revenge on Klinger by pinning him. The action was non-stop and the crowd was jacked.


The Briscoes head out to the ring. Jay says it seems they have a problem because they won their match tonight by forfeit and since Ringkampf beat EYFBO they are eliminated. However, they did not fly here not to wrestle and issue an open challenge. We then get Jay-FK (Jay Skillet & Francis Kaspin).


The Briscoes vs. Jay-FK

The Briscoes start off by working over Skillet. Jay knocks Kaspin off of the apron but Kaspin runs in and attacks The Briscoes, who quickly regain control. They continue to beat on Skillet but he fights back and Jay-FK start to run wild. Kaspin is in and shows some good fire in attacking Mark. Jay makes a blind tag and destroys Kaspin with a lariat then lands a headbutt before firing away in the corner. The Briscoes hit a double shoulder tackle then use quick tags to neutralize Kaspin for a while. Kaspin is able to escape and tag out as Skillet runs wild. Jay-FK hit a cool double-team move where Skillet held Mark in place for a reverse neckbreaker while Kaspin came off the top with a double stomp. Kaspin and Mark start trading chops with Kaspin refusing to back down. Jay-FK almost put Mark away with a springboard spike Michinoku Driver but Jay makes the save and the match breaks down. Skillet is dumped outside then Jay hits the Jaydriller on Kaspin then Mark hits the Burning Hammer for the win (11:39) ***1/2. After the match, The Briscoes go over and shake hands with Jay-FK. They then thank wXw for having them and promise to return as the crowd applauds.

Thoughts: I loved the story of the young team in Jay-FK showing they are not afraid of the veteran Briscoes as they gave it their all. Kaspin had a strong showing and next year Jay-FK should be a part of this tournament.


Relaxed Rules Match: Bobby Gunns vs. Homicide

Relaxed Rules apparently means no disqualification. Gunns attacks Homicide and kicks him in the face. Homicide fights back and takes out a fork to stick in Gunns’ mouth and arm. Gunns is able to escape then Homicide heads out as they brawl through the crowd. Gunns is sent into the second row then Homicide hits him with a chair. They are now up on the stage where Gunns blocks a powerbomb and kicks down Homicide but Homicide comes back with a suplex. Homicide drags Gunns back through the crowd but Gunns fights back and stomps the fingers. Homicide then uses the steps as a sleigh to run over Gunns before pulling out a table from underneath the ring. Homicide slides the table inside and lays it against the turnbuckles but Gunns fights back. Gunns starts working the arm until Homicide catches him with an Ace Crusher. Gunns is able to counter a lariat with a cross armbreaker then blocks a tornado DDT and gets a nearfall with a basement dropkick. Homicide blocks a piledriver and drives Gunns into the corner where the table has fallen and they battle until Homicide hits the Three Amigos. Homicide heads up top and misses a splash but backdrops Gunns through the table for two. Lariat gets two. Homicide grabs a waistlock but Gunns grabs the ref then hit a low blow before using a small package for the win (9:45) **1/2. After the match, Gunns tells Homicide he should have retired. Homicide then tells Gunns he was the better man and offers a handshake. Gunns spits on him then tries to leave but Homicide brings him back and hits the Cop Killa before leaving.

Thoughts: This match was alright but Gunns is not the best worker in the world. As a character, he’s great but is work is slow and clunky. Homicide carried things and got some revenge by hitting Gunns with the Cop Killa at the end.


2017 World Tag Team League Finals: Massive Product vs. Ringkampf

Thatcher and Starr begin the match and go back-and-forth on the mat until ending in a stalemate. They go back to the mat as the announcers point out how Starr has never beaten WALTER. Simmons and WALTER are in now and have a shoving match before locking up. They bounce off of each other then WALTER whiffs on a dropkick and Simmons takes him down with a dropkick of his own. Simmons poses but WALTER locks on the clutch then hits a German suplex after Simmons grabbed the ropes. Thatcher is back in and works the neck as Ringkampf has taken control of the match. Simmons is able to fight back and tags out as Starr tries to wear down WALTER with a front facelock but is driven into the corner. Ringkampf now wears down Starr but Simmons kicks Thatcher down behind the ref’s back then tags in to beat down Thatcher. Massive Product cut off the ring then Starr works the arm on the mat. Thatcher finally escapes as WALTER tags in and takes out Massive Product as the crowd goes nuts. WALTER puts Starr in a clutch but Simmons breaks that up by tossing Thatcher on top of him with a spinebuster. Thatcher and Simmons are now the legal men and slug it out until Thatcher works a Fujiwara armbar. Simmons escapes and hits a powerbomb but WALTER breaks up that pin by powerbombing Starr on top. WALTER chops down Starr, who gets pissed then starts fighting back. He screams while using windmill punches in the corner then they trade German suplexes into WALTER turns Starr inside out with a lariat. Starr is able to take WALTER down with a lariat as everyone is down. Simmons takes Thatcher down with a bridge but Thatcher picks him up to break the pin. Simmons lands a running kick for a two count. WALTER roughs him up then Ringkampf almost out him away with a powerbomb. Starr takes WALTER outside with a hurricarana as Simmons and Thatcher trade nearfalls while the crowd is behind Ringkampf. WALTER is the legal man now then hits Simmons with a shotgun dropkick. Thatcher works over the neck of Starr on the outside but Simmons fights back. WALTER then hits the Fire Thunder Driver but Starr makes the save. Thatcher and Starr are now going at it in the ring as Starr hits the Canadian Destroyer. Massive Product then hit the spike piledriver but Thatcher is just able to get his arm up as the crowd goes mental while Starr is in a state of shock. Thatcher gets up and going crazy while beating on Massive Product. He then puts Starr in a rear naked choke then Simmons comes in but WALTER puts him in a choke and Starr ends up tapping out as Ringkampf are the new Tag Team Champions (22:16) ****1/2.

Thoughts: An incredible way to end this tournament. Massive Product came into this undefeated and with the most momentum but Ringkampf was able to beat them in an all out battle. The crowd was in love with Ringkampf and this is a match you should all seek out.


After the match, the confetti falls down then both teams shake hands. WALTER grabs the mic and thanks the crowd. He then speaks in German before switching to English. WALTER puts over how great it is to wrestle on wXw and puts over Thatcher for making the decision to come here. Thatcher calls Ringkampf is family then speaks in German while thanking the crowd. A great moment for both men.


The announcers put over the entire weekend to close out the show.


Final Thoughts: This was a great three nights of wrestling. Plus, they had some major angles take place in the reformation of Cerebrus, Da Mack turning heel and joining RISE, and A4 breaking up. wXw has been a great promotion this year and something all those subscribed to the Highspots Network should seek out.