Miz vs Lesnar?

The Royal Rumble title match is generally a throw away affair anyway, so since Finn Balor is likely out, why not run with a Miz vs Lesnar Universal Title match?  It's never been done, Miz would likely be able to get himself back over again after a 5 or 6 minute squash, and the promo battles between Miz and Heyman would be somewhat novel.

Miz is awesome – and Houston agrees!

​He got beat by Baron Corbin and then Roman Reigns on consecutive nights.  I wouldn't even waste Brock's appearance fee on beating up the entire Miztourage, including Maryse, in a handicap match.  In fact, even this e-mail merely suggesting the idea is a personal insult to Brock.  Brock, if you're reading this, I apologize.​