Fashion Police Attack

Are they ever going to officially wrap up who attacked them or have they moved on? I want to throw a couple names that no one has mentioned. The Brothers of Destruction. It is revealed Kane and Taker took them out leading to WrestleMania. Breezango pulls of the upset or takes them to a 20 minute draw. Undertaker gets on the Mic and says they have earned his respect. He didn't attack them out of anger but out of jealousy. See he and Kane along with Michelle have been trying to get their clothing line off the ground. They need the Fashion Police's help. The Undertaker was retired last year against Reigns and now he can embrace his true passion fashion. He becomes Mark "Catwalk" Callaway and Glamourous Glen Jacobs managed by McCool. Old School becomes his finisher now known as the catwalk. They become part of the faction with Breezango and Ascension of course feels slighted by their contractually obligated BFFS. This group becomes the focal point Tuesday nights and switches things up like when Duggan became Canadian.

Let us celebrate our new arrangement with the adding of chocolate to milk!