A few nitpicks

Hey Scott,

There were a few things that annoyed me over the weekend, one from each event:

1) The NXT even was fantastic so this is a small gripe, I absolutely hate the spot where everyone stands around pretending to fight while one person dives onto the pile. They seem to do like three of these spots every event. While I enjoyed the mayhem of the main event, I still prefer the Wargames matches that told a logical story as opposed to the spotfest we saw in this one. I am also not a big fan of the Tower of Doom spots that seem to be worked into every multi-man match now. Maybe if they were more rare I would enjoy them more.

2) You mentioned in your SS rant that you would have thought Finn Balor would have painted up for the big match. I agree and I think it looks so cheesy to have every wrestler come out in a Raw or Smackdown shirt. Wrestling is all about the individual personalities and their ring attire. Having everyone wear a goofy shirt really looks lame and makes everything very generic and cartoonish.

Overall it was an enjoyable weekend of wrestling and the good far outweighed the bad. These were just a few things that bothered me. Keep up the great work!

​The "diving on a pile of guys" thing is just a reality of wrestling now, unfortunately.  
The shirts, though, yeah, it makes everyone look like a bunch of interchangeable geeks.  As Dave and Bryan were saying the other day, if you make everyone into "worker bees" and then try to charge people money to see them wrestle at house shows, it's no wonder attendance is dropping so severely.​