WWF Superstars of Wrestling – September 29th, 1990

September 29, 1990

From the Hersheypark Arena in Hershey, PA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper

In action this week are the Legion of Doom, Sgt. Slaughter with General Adnan, Tugboat, Rick Rude, and The Bushwhackers


Legion of Doom vs. Todd Cumberledge & Bobby Salsa

The LoD hit stereo press slams to start. They beat on Cumberledge for a bit then he tags out as Salsa is beaten down. The announcers talk about the LoD’s feud with Demolition then about the surprise that Tugboat has for us as the LoD put Salsa away with the Doomsday Device (2:37).

Thoughts: A quick win for LoD as their feud against Demolition continues.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This looks at what happened last week on “Wrestling Challenge” when the Big Bossman dragged Bobby Heenan from the announcers booth and cuffed him to the guardrail where he remained until the end of the show as Rick Rude swore and demanded Bossman to come out. After the clips air, Bossman tells Heenan he had that coming then promises to go after Rude, who was behind everything Heenan was saying. Rude vs. Bossman will be strongly pushed on TV going forward.


The Conquistador vs. Tugboat

Tugboat overpowers The Conquistador to start as Piper puts him over for finally being on the track to become “something.” Well, that’s an interesting comment. Tugboat then hits a slam before connecting with a splash from the middle rope for the win (1:58). After the match, Tugboat calls out Earthquake and Dino Bravo then says he has someone right beside him and introduces Hulk Hogan. The crowd goes nuts for Hogan as he comes out to the ring, looking slimmer than usual. Hogan then poses with Tugboat for a minute.

Thoughts: An easy win for Tugboat with the big reveal of Hogan appearing on TV as a surprise to the crowd. They are still pushing Tugboat as Hogan’s friend but not as much as before. They’ve definitely dialed that back a few notches.


Power & Glory w/ Slick vs. Mark Thomas & Rico Frederico

We hear from Marty Jannetty in an insert promo as he tells Power & Glory they failed because Shawn Michaels will be returning shortly and Power & Glory will lose the war. Thomas, who is in great shape, goes for a test-of-strength but Hercules takes him down with a knee smash. Hercules starts flexing then tags out as Roma hits a running powerslam. Frederico tags in and gets beat down until Power & Glory hit the Power Plex for the win (3:20).

Thoughts: Another impressive TV win for Power & Glory as they will have to deal with the returning Shawn Michaels.


“Ravishing” Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Glen Ruth

The announcers talk about what Rude has been saying about Bossman’s mother as he beats on Ruth. Rude stays in control as Heenan laughs then hits the Rude Awakening for the win (1:08). After the match, Heenan tells us his staff combed the entire building looking for the right woman to receive the Rude Awakening. However, all that is here are “illiterate, ugly dogs” like the Bossman’s mother. He then says as long as he manages Rude, he can say anything he wants about anyone.

Thoughts: They added more fuel to the Bossman/Rude feud with Rude continuing to insult Bossman’s mother.


Vince hawks the 1991 WWF Calendar, with the Ultimate Warrior on the cover.


Brother Love Show is next. Rick Martel is on the set to spray his Arrogance then leaves then Brother Love welcomes out his guest, Dusty Rhodes. Dusty tells us he believes in honor and also believes he will kick Ted DiBiase’s “butt.” Dusty also believes in the American Dream. Brief promo from Dusty and it really wasn’t much to be honest. His feud against DiBiase continues.


Sonny Blaze vs. Sgt. Slaughter w/ General Adnan

Piper tells Slaughter if you don’t like America then get out. We also hear from Nikolai Volkoff in an insert promo as he says Slaughter is a disgrace. Slaughter beats on Blaze to start and stays on the attack. Piper goes on about Slaughter being a disgrace then Slaughter uses the noogie for the win (2:24).

Thoughts: With Piper’s disgust on commentary its a bit shocking he did not end up facing Slaughter at some point. They are still going with the Volkoff/Slaughter feud for TV.


An ad for the Survivor Series airs. It takes place Thanksgiving night on November 22nd.


The Bushwhackers vs. Pez Whatley & Scott Colontonio

We hear from The Orient Express & Mr Fuji in an insert promo as Fuji says his team is trained unlike The Bushwhackers, who have no sense of direction. Whatley grabs a side headlock then collides with his partner after an Irish whip sequence. Colontonio is in now and The Bushwhackers quickly put him away with a double gutbuster (1:38).

Thoughts: We now have an Orient Express/Bushwhackers feud based on a story of discipline vs. recklessness. Just a lower card tag feud heading into Survivor Series.


In action next week are Randy Savage, Jimmy Snuka, Hart Foundation, Ted DiBiase, Big Bossman, and the possibility of Battle Kat making an appearance as a giant “?” appears on the insert. Well, Battle Kat was not on that show.


Final Thoughts: Hogan came out as a surprise but the rest of the show was just a continuation of the other feuds going on in the company. There was no big angle or anything of the sorts that took place as we await to find out the matches announced for the Survivor Series.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

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Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 9/30/90

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 3/31/83

Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 10/6/90

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