So word comes today they are testing the waters with Facebook Live to do a weekly show. It will be Live after Smackdown meaning 205 Live could potentially be moved to before Smackdown.

Why on earth wouldn't they just scrap 205 Live at this point? It hasn't worked, cruiserweights on RAW haven't worked. They had something that DID work, the CWC at Full Sail. Move the freaking cruiserweights to Full Sail, never mention the word cruiserweight again, and simply call the show CWC without it standing for anything. Same presentation, same look to the show, same commentators. Just simply a show and not a tournament. The horrible ugly cruiserweight championship is redesigned and called the CWC Championship. Then have women also compete on the show.

Let Triple H do it right. He may be a dick who gets himself over as a wrestler, however, he has the golden touch as a creative guy. And by the way a nice touch is that CWC is actually the original name of WWE. The Capitol Wrestling Corporation even had a similar logo to last year's CWC.

​I dunno, I think the whole thing is so tainted at this point that they need to just scrap it all and try something different.  They already have the developmental show with NXT, so 205 Live doesn't really serve any kind of purpose. ​