Super Shane

So after watching Survivor Series, one thought popped in my head. They had Shane no-sell the RAW attack from SD last week, fend off Owens/Zayn by himself, last a minute in an ankle lock, and nearly survive the whole thing himself. Contrast that with Daniel Bryan selling a Kane chokeslam via stretcher and not appearing on TV in 3 weeks.
I mean they might as well make Shane champ at this point with how dominant he was booked last night. The only way to salvage this is by using it in a Shane/Bryan feud that they’re teasing, but the odds of that happening are slim and none.

I've actually heard it suggested that Shane was being PUNISHED based on how he was booked last night, in the sense that HHH looked even stronger.  Which goes to show that a McMahon getting punished beats the best day any of us will ever have.