As we all can agree, 205 live needs a baby face where people can get behind. They have the heel in Enzo but they need the face to get behind. They need to get Gargano out of nxt to be that face. He can sell and get folks behind him better than most. And
when Ciampa is ready, they can bring him over too and have a money feud made for both of them. Thoughts? 

​God, no.  I'm sure that's where he'll end up, but Gargano doesn't need to be left to die on 205 Live.  They're already supposed to be moving Hideo Itami into the black hole division soon as it is, but they really don't need to be wasting any more talent with actual potential on that show. There's no "money" feuds there and Gargano deserves better than working once every week.​