Fixing the Royal Rumble

After reading the email on Survivor Series and your opinion on the event itself, It only reinforced how much the event has dropped from its original concept. The Royal Rumble ,which has taken the spot from Survivor Series as the most unique and interesting concept, seems to be going the same way. I mean we obviously won't ever see a Royal Rumble event without a Royal Rumble match, like we have with Survivor Series but the fun is gone. There is no legitimate match anymore. Go back to 91 or 92. Hell 2001-2008. There was a match going on. Nowadays it is all entrances and laying around. Everyone stops what they are doing at each 10 second countdown to either lie around or stare in amazement at the next participant. There haven't even been any real surprises the last 2 years. For 2017 the "surprises" were Ellsworth, Mark Henry, Enzo, Kalisto and Gallagher. Hardly anyone to be amazed or kayfabe shocked to see if I am already in the ring. Those weren't surprises just announced competitors. Is the layout due to lack of Patterson? Is this a Dunn tv thing? Vince? Can the Rumble be fixed ? Can there be storylines? I know we don't have storylines like we used to but 90 Rumble had Warrior/Hogan, Piper/Bad News, Demos/CC, Savage/Dusty and DiBiase/Roberts built throughout. 2004 had Orton/Foley, Goldberg/Lesnar, Show/Cena, Christian/Jericho, and Kane/Taker built. Sorry 4 the lengthy rant just want the Rumble fixed before it goes the way of Survivor Series and I value your opinion. 
​The Rumble itself has really been a huge letdown the past few years, and it's mystifying because it's such an easy thing to not screw up. I thought the AJ Styles​ surprise a couple of years ago was huge, and he would be a good person to have in there again to direct traffic, but the problem is that the match has become their storytelling crutch at Wrestlemania time. It doesn't matter if Randy Orton is hot at the time, he's due for a title run at Wrestlemania, so he wins the match.  Obviously Reigns wins the Rumble again this year because of course he does.  And yes, a lot of it was Patterson.