​Hey Scott,
I loved the show, too, but I have to admit that I was really taken out of the main event at times with the clumsy directing and heavy-handed camera positioning of the guys in the match by the​ referees. I know it's developmental, but it's the main event of one of NXT's four biggest shows of the year (and featuring several legit veterans) — do you think the refs should really have to blatantly call spots throughout the match? If nothing else, the refs need to disguise it better. It was especially clumsy in the War Games match. I almost hate to bring it up because of how awesome the show was overall, but Vince gets so much flak from overproducing the announcers via headset and I think HHH has a tendency to overproduce the matches, as they are happening, through the referees. I really feel that it actually took a little bit away from the main event. I'm fine with the refs directing traffic in the matches — that's part of their job — but it's way too obvious and way too distracting in a lot of NXT matches. (And I'm not even talking about the positioning after Wolfe cut busted open on the suplex. I understand the reasoning and necessity for that. I was bothered by the prominent directions being given by the referees before that even happened.)

I didn't personally notice, but I can see how that would bug.