Mid-South Wrestling – March 24th, 1983

March 24, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week we will see Junkyard Dog vs. Golden Dragon, Mr.Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. vs. Jim Duggan & Matt Borne, Kendo Nagasaki, and a midget tag team match.


Watts is at the desk and introduces a music video of Andre the Giant produced by Buddy Nichols. It was cool, especially by 1983 standards.


We then see Watts interview Duggan. Watts asks about getting upset that the other members of the Rat Pack might have struck a deal with Skandor Akbar. Duggan says he has nothing to do with Akbar or his part of the world due to personal reasons and that he just wants to take care of business. We then show a clip of a Kamala vs. Tony Atlas match from Houston were Duggan interfered. Duggan narrates this and said he was just trying to take care of business when we see he accidentally speared Kamala and blames Akbar for not taking care of Kamala and says he has no clue what he is doing. Duggan is then pissed over another “Hacksaw” coming into Mid-South and calls out Butch Reed. Watts then questions Duggan over his supposed non-relationship with Akbar. This was a really interesting segment as you could develop many storylines based off of what Duggan said. We will see more of Duggan later on in the show.


Now, Watts takes us back to two weeks ago where Mr. Wrestling II questioned and went after Mr. Olympia when he found the belongings that have been used to taunt him for months inside of was Mr. Olympia’s briefcase. We also saw Mr. Olympia claim innocence as Watts believes him and that he might have been set up based off of similar events that have happened here in the past. Watts then tells us that he was wrong and that Mr. Olympia is a “treacherous” person and promises we will see why next week. So, Mr. Olympia was obviously involved in screwing around with Mr. Wrestling II and next week we will see what Watts was talking about.


Kendo Nagasaki vs. Mike Jackson

Nagasaki backs Jackson into the corner before going on the attack. He chops Jackson in the corner then works a nerve hold for a bit. Jackson is able to catch Nagasaki with a monkey flip but is kicked down as Nagasaki works another nerve hold. Watts talks about being disappointed with Mr. Olympia as Jackson hits a pair of dropkicks but gets attacked on a charge in the corner before Nagasaki hits a thrust kick for the win (2:38).

Thoughts: Another strong showing by Nagasaki here. And the story with him is that they are trying to figure out who is managing him behind the scenes.


The JYD vs. Golden Dragon match is about to take place but once again Nagasaki comes into the ring with his stick. He spits green mist into the air as JYD has his chain and the two square off until Nagasaki leaves. More hype for the eventual JYD/Nagasaki match.


The Golden Dragon vs. Junkyard Dog

They lockup then Dragon cheap shots JYD after a break. JYD returns the favor then the two trade full nelsons. Dragon lands a chop to the throat then works a nerve hold for a while. JYD fights back though and quickly hits a powerslam for the win (3:22) *.

Thoughts: Fine for what it was but the finish was really abrupt. I believe this was the final appearance of the Golden Dragon in Mid-South.


Super Destroyer vs. Joe Stark

Destroyer overpowers Stark to start. He hits a few slams as Watts tells us that Ted DiBiase is conspicuously missing from Mid-South. Destroyer works a chinlock after a knee drop but Stark escapes and fires away. Destroyer cuts him off and hits a knee smash to the back before hitting a superplex for the win (3:41).

Thoughts: A long squash match win for Destroyer as they are starting to build him up in the territory.


“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & Matt Borne vs. Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. 

This is a non-title match. We see the Super Destroyer sitting in a chair and watching near ringside. Mr. Wrestling II starts off and has Duggan bail. Borne tags in then works the arm but Conway makes the tag. Conway now works the arm but Borne is able to tag out himself. The champs switch off working the arm of Duggan then Borne trips up Mr. Wrestling from the apron. Borne tags but misses a seated senton then Conway comes in and runs wild. Duggan distracts Conway from the apron then tags in and hits a backbreaker. Knee drop gets two as Conway is in trouble. Conway almost puts Borne away with a small package but The Rat Pack go back to cutting off the ring. Conway fights back and makes the tag as Mr. Wrestling goes nuts on Borne. The match breaks down then Borne dumps Conway. Borne holds up Mr. Wrestling so Duggan can hit the spear but Mr. Wrestling breaks free and Duggan takes out his own partner then Mr. Wrestling hits the power knee lift on Borne for the win (6:20) **1/4.

Thoughts: Decent action in this one. Duggan accidentally hit his partner and that lost his team the match. The crowd loved the finish to this one.


Watts is now with Duggan & The Super Destroyer and shows us what happened after the break. Duggan shoved Borne down then had Super Destroyer come in as they both beat him up. The fans cheer this by the way. Watts asks why this happened as Duggan said DiBiase and himself had the plan to remain Tag Champions but they no longer have the belts. Watts then tells us the midget match will be recorded and shown to us next week. Well, the Rat Pack appears to be no more with Duggan taking out Borne and blaming him for the fact they lost the Tag Team Titles.


Final Thoughts: A really strong, storyline driven show. Most of the focus was on Duggan and it was all really great. He can feud with Akbar’s Army, Reed, Borne, DiBiase, Atlas, and others too. Plus, we found out that Mr. Olympia was full of shit and can see what he did next week, along with that midget match Watts has hyped for the past few weeks. You also have the JYD/Nagasaki stuff going on even if its not the most exciting JYD feud I’ve seen. Anyway, a fun show that was really important with regards to Duggan’s career.


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