Invasion Era

Hindsight 20/20, should they have delayed the Invasion angle about 6 months or so until the likes of Flair & nWo would be available, or would it be holding off the momentum of the WCW purchase too long, potentially neutralizing any benefit of doing it right away?

Sub-Question, the separate ramps entrances at the Invasion PPV for the two sides was both aesthetically & logically cool. Think they should bring that back for helping with face/heel dynamics?

​The ramp thing is EXACTLY what they should be doing for Survivor Series.  
And hindsight 20/20, they should have done a LOT of things differently with the Invasion.  I will at least play devil's advocate with your first question, however, and note that they were wanting to do a new WCW show right away and waiting six months would have likely meant it couldn't happen, so they had to proceed with what they had.  Overall, though, they needed Flair and Goldberg to make it work.  ​