Best/Worst Survivor Series?

Hey, Scott:

Since it’s the season, I’m curious as to what you think were the best and worst Survivor Series? As PPVs go, everyone seems to have an opinion on best/worst Wrestlemania or Royal Rumble, but 30 years of Survivor Series and it seems the individual events don’t hold the same place in fans’ hearts.

​Yeah, for me it's easily the most missable of the Big Four and doesn't really hold any particular place of specialness in my heart.  Quality-wise, Survivor Series 97 was complete garbage, but of course by far the most memorable.  93 was hella-weak and I'd probably call it the worst, followed closely by 91, which was so bad that they tried to kill off the elimination match format as a result.  
None of them really inspire any great excitement from me.  I love the elimination matches on the original 87 and 88 shows.  98 is of course a classic.  2002 was pretty fun thanks to MSG.  96 is highly underrated and features one of the great matches of the modern era.  ​Anything past 2003, forget it, I can't even remember the shows.